Watching BlizzCon 2018? There’s An Apple TV App For That


World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of The Storm, Diablo – not a bad little body of work.

If your Venn diagram of “things you dig” has an overlapping section containing one or more of Blizzard Entertainment’s games and Apple TV (you’re reading this site after all), then you’re in luck – the free BlizzCon TV app has you covered.


Blizzard Entertainment is once again celebrating all things Blizzard with BlizzCon 2018, and this year the company has gone all out on providing even more ways to watch.

Via the BlizzCon TV app you can watch a bunch of BlizzCon’s content for free, including the opening ceremony on November 2. Purchasing a Virtual Ticket will get you access to the whole shebang (and also some in-game bonuses).

There’s a full schedule, esports to watch (opening week has actually already begun), behind the scenes development videos and more.

All right then, ATVG out for now. I’m off to play some more Barbearian (because it’s really good).


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