Shadowgun Legends – New Gold Arena Is A Satisfying Challenge


Earlier this year, in one of its weekly live streams, MADFINGER Games laid out a road map of updates for the remainder of 2018 for Shadowgun Legends (read ATVG’s review).

Turns out it was more of a mud map than an accurate cartographical survey, as update 0.6.0 became 0.7.0, with the orange fourth planet still dangling like a giant spherical carrot, locked and waiting. 0.8.0 maybe?

New planets notwithstanding, after dropping last week update 0.7.0 has still added a bunch more content to a game that is already quite feature-rich: New weapons and armour, a raised maximum power level (270), Halloween-themed gear, a new fusion system to raise the power level of your favourite legendary items, and a shiny new Gold Arena. You can read the full patch notes right here.

Out of all the activities available in Shadowgun Legends, the Silver Arena is easily where I’ve spent most of my time, and it was exciting to see a whole new challenge waiting to be surmounted in 0.7.0.

It wasn’t easy, but today, accompanied by two other random cyber-warriors, after about an hour we cracked the lids from three hard-earned loot chests, learning along the way there are a few new obstacles on the road to gold. (Spoiler alert).

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 6.23.41 pm

It all started out recognisably enough; run around and grab the heavy weapon ammo from the chests in the few seconds before enemies start spawning. But soon you’ll notice some new rectangular pads on the ground that open up like lava pits, and periodically shoot a death-dealing spike up into the air, more of which appear as you progress. Might want to avoid those.

And did those red Blinkers exist before? I won’t bet money on it, but I’m leaning towards no. The old-fashioned blueish Blinkers – the enemies that flick in and out of reality, shifting left and right each time – can be frustrating but are pretty squishy. The red ones in the Gold Arena pack more of a sting, and absorb far more projectiles. Beware.

And Blade Dancers? The tall red and white guys with the spinning blades of death that have motivated many a Shadowgun to turn tail and run? There are three of them.

In the Silver Arena, killing the Blade Dancer was always a sign that victory was near, as from there it’s a simple case of three Shadowguns spreading out to cause the big boss to turn the other way so someone can shoot him in the back. Rinse and repeat until dead. Felling that final boss meant all the other enemies vanished into thin air and it was loot time. But in the Gold Arena, after the big boss dies, whatever is left still needs to be filled with bullets. In ATVG’s battle today, the third Blade Dancer was the last enemy standing, which after having been conditioned to the Silver Arena’s mechanics, was a surprising and refreshing change.

An hour and many deaths later, that was that. Thanks to the other two random cyber-warriors for the memories, I wish I’d made a note of your tags so I could shout you out.

Lots of purple in those chests, and as a result my 250 power level is now at 253, but no legendaries today. Better luck next time.

Check out the Halloween update trailer:

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