Review: Space Marshals 2 DLC – Ava Storyline. Hats Off.


Burton – the hero of Space Marshals 2’s main storyline – to put it mildly, is clueless. Without his much more competent crew telling him exactly what to do, how to do it, and when, Burton would still be bumbling around on The Artemis looking for hot soup. In this recently released DLC players get to experience gameplay as one of those infinitely more competent crew – Ava.

The 20 missions of Space Marshals 2’s main campaign, plus the four bonus missions delivered via a free update upon the Apple TV version’s release back in March, add up to an excellent twin-stick shooter, and you can read our full review right here. As ATVG is so fond of saying, more of a good thing is a good thing, so we were pretty excited when news came to hand of 10 new missions incoming.

But were they worth the wait?

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RPGolf – Does What It Says On The Box


Okay so there’s no actual box per se, but you know what I mean.

All those fans of old-school, top-down, 8-bit RPGs, who have spent countless years wondering what those games would be like if the magical abilities were replaced with golf-related abilities, can finally get some relief. That particular bridge between imagination and reality is now structurally sound, and can be crossed.

In other words, this week saw RPGolf from developer Articnet release on Apple TV.

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Space Marshals 2 – Ava’s Storyline DLC Adds 10 New Missions


“Pixelbite’s Space Marshals 2 is a twin-stick shooter that wears both its hats – stealth, and run and gun – exceedingly well. Console-quality fun,” is how we summed our review, so there’s no hiding our love for this excellent shooter.

We posted not long ago about upcoming DLC for Space Marshals 2, and we’re very happy to report that overnight, “upcoming” became “available now.”

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IGN Reveals Six Minutes of Gameplay From Upcoming Journey Follow Up – Sky


Finally! Some actual, concrete details.

Since its announcement two months ago, talk of Sky has consisted of conceptual ramblings involving “gratefulness, appreciation, and giving,” without any real hard details about what players will actually be doing in-game. But today, via a first over on IGN, thatgamecompany’s Jenova Chen narrated viewers through a little over six minutes of gameplay, giving the world a look at what looks to be a beautiful, cooperative gaming experience, involving…gratefulness, appreciation, and giving.

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Thatgamecompany’s Sky Could Release As Early As December


Thatgamecompany’s CEO Jenonva Chen is talking all things Sky on iOS 11’s Today section in the revamped App Store this morning.

Since Chen announced the follow up to Journey live on stage at this year’s iPhone event two months ago, things have been quiet. Being focused on Apple TV gaming, ATVG is understandably excited by the fact that Sky will be playable on big screens first via Apple TV. For some deeper editorial pondering on whether Sky might be able to sell the idea of Apple TV as a viable option for big screen gaming, have a read right here.

Back to the present though, the big news from today’s interview between Chen and Apple, is that we may be playing Sky before Christmas.

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Review: Morphite – On Its Own Two Feet


In one of our earlier preview pieces on Morphite, we listed off a few of the classics that inspired collaborators Crescent Moon Games and Blow Fish Studios, such as Metroid Prime and Zelda. Crescent Moon Games’ official site for Morphite reels off even more beloved franchises – Ratchet and Clank, and Turok.

Inspirations and influences are inevitable, but committing them to words on screens for an upcoming game is bold, especially with such legendary names being thrown about. The danger is two-fold – setting expectations beyond the achievable, and releasing a product that’s merely a sum of its inspirations, with nothing to distinguish it as its own game.

How about Morphite then? Does it manage to climb off the shoulders of the giants that inspired it, and stand on its own?

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Abi: A Robot’s Tale – Point And Click With Feeling


The trailer for Abi: A Robot’s Tale left ATVG with heartstrings well and truly pulled.

What is it about a few gentle touches on ivory connected to strings, behind heartbreakingly cute robot buddies searching for meaning in a desolate, lonely world that leaves us thinking big things and asking the unanswerable on a Saturday morning?

Well I guess I’ve answered my own question.

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