Moon Raider Out Now On Apple TV

March 5, 2017 was the date I posted The Apple TV Gaming Blog’s first story on upcoming Moon Raider. Almost four years later, it finally hit Apple TV this weekend (you can grab it right here).

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Little Orpheus Episode 9 – More Beautiful Layers Of The Onion

A Rush of Onion to the Head is the cryptic title of Little Orpheus’ episode 9 which released just yesterday. Last night ATVG dimmed the lights, fired up the flatscreen, the Apple TV 4K and the Nimbus, and once again ventured down the rabbit hole with cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich.

Was it a good night in?

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Time To Download Little Orpheus Again – Ep 9 Incoming (Very Soon)

Weighing in at 3.9GB on Apple TV’s App Store, Little Orpheus can easily be considered one of the big boned titles among Apple Arcade’s lineup (after all, there is that T-rex to cater for).

With only 64GB in total available on my Apple TV 4K’s hard drive, some housekeeping needs to occasionally be done, meaning that finite games with definitive endings are always the first to go once the credits roll (don’t worry Butter Royale, you are safe).

You can catch some bite-size reviews of a handful of games in which ATVG has seen the end credits (including Little Orpheus) right here, and here.

What I’m trying to say in a long winded way, is that I’m going to need to download The Chinese Room’s Little Orpheus again, because a new episode is on the way, and may even be out by the time I finish posting this piece.

The episode – number 9 – is titled A Rush of Onion to the Head, and The Chinese Room earlier today teased social media with some screens from the upcoming ep, complete with intriguing captions.

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Real Racing 3’s Next Update To Include Marina Bay Street Circuit

New tracks and cars are the bread and butter of racing games when it comes to retaining player engagement.

The king of Apple TV racers – Real Racing 3 – now has over 140 cars to race and upgrade, with more on the way in its next big update – version 9.1.

New tracks however, are a much rarer feature, and some might say an even more exciting prospect. A new track gives players a fresh new playground in which to test out their favourite rides. Completely new turns to master, making an old game new again.

Now that F1 is a part of the Real Racing 3 roster, it makes sense to include more tracks from the real world of F1, and this is exactly what’s happening in the next big tentpole update from developer Firemonkeys.

Singapore’s Marina Bay street circuit is coming to Real Racing 3.

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The Apple TV Gaming Starter Pack – Download These Free Games Now

Unboxing a shiny new gaming console at Christmas time is a lot less fun if you don’t have any games to play.

I remember eagerly unboxing my Atari back in the day to find the Combat cartridge waiting for me in the box, and I’d easily rate it as one of the best Atari games ever. There was also the excellent Alex Kidd, which came preloaded on the SEGA Master System. And it’s great to see Sony reviving the tradition of providing a preloaded game to play with Astro’s Playroom on the PlayStation 5 – a game that’s getting very strong reviews too.

If you’ve recently unboxed a new Apple TV 4K, and you also happen to own a compatible controller (read this article for details), then you may plan for it to double as a gaming console – a function it handles very well.

And if so, you’re going to need some games.

Think of the 11 games over the page as your starter pack – games you can download for your Apple TV gaming console for no extra cost which will provide you with an insane amount of playable content. So much so, that I guarantee there’s enough over the page to keep you going through 2021 and beyond if you so choose.

Keep in mind however, these are free-to-play games, so there’s the usual currencies and in-app-purchases you can choose to make. I’ve selected games in which the monetisation does not get in the way of the gameplay, and if you choose not to spend a cent, that’s entirely up to you – the 11 games over the page will still be just as awesome.

The games over the page can also be played on the older Apple TV HD, but will run much smoother and in some cases, such as with Shadowgun Legends, will look a lot prettier on the newer model – the Apple TV 4K.

If you do decide to go on the hunt for more games for your Apple TV beyond this starting 11, the best place to look is The Best Apple TV Games Of 2020. In this article you’ll not only get a roundup of 2020, but also handy links to the previous roundups of 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Then of course there’s Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming subscription service, which I can’t say enough good things about.

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The Best Apple TV Games Of 2020

This time last year, I revisited ATVG’s 2016, 2017 and 2018 end-of-year roundups – taking a look back on the first three years of Apple TV gaming, with the benefit of a little more perspective. It was a journey worth taking, and if you’re new to this niche gaming console’s world, it’s the best way to get acquainted with what’s on offer.

Here’s some in-case-you-missed-it links for you:

ICYMI: Recap – Celebrating 3 Years Of Apple TV Gaming – Year One (2016)
ICYMI: Recap – Celebrating 3 Years Of Apple TV Gaming – 2017
ICYMI: Recap – Celebrating 3 Years Of Apple TV Gaming – 2018

Then of course there was 2019, which saw the birth of Apple Arcade; an event some might argue heralded the true birth of Apple TV gaming.

Have a read:

The Best Apple TV games of 2019

And now that you’re all caught up, welcome to 2020.

2020 has been an outstanding year for Apple TV gamers who also carry an Apple Arcade subscription. Without a subscription? Not so much.

Aside from a very few notable exceptions – of which I’ve chosen ATVG’s best four over the page – high quality console worthy non-Arcade titles were few and far between on Apple TV in 2020. I still believe they’re on the way, but it seems it will be a slow burn.

The ingredients are nearly all in place; Apple Arcade’s exceptional catalogue, plus PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X controller compatibility (with PS5’s DualSense compatibility rumoured to be not far behind), will continue to slowly draw attention to the platform.

New Apple TV hardware with more horsepower under the hood surely will arrive not too deep into 2021, allowing games closer to triple A status on Apple Arcade. With these arrivals, developers might be a little more inclined to see Apple TV as a viable destination for releases outside of Apple’s subscription service.

2021 will no doubt be another formative year for Apple TV gaming, as every early year in the life of a console this young will no doubt be. With new hardware and the safe bet of a tonne of new games (certainly for Apple Arcade anyway), combined with Apple’s penchant for the occasional unexpected one more thing, and it’s bound to continue being a fun ride.

If you do own an Apple TV 4K and compatible controller, and you want a fast track to turning it into an excellent place to play right now – grab yourself an Apple Arcade subscription and dig in. There’s currently nearly 150 options in Arcade’s roster, many of which deserve to be enjoyed within a console environment (i.e. big screen!).

Over the page I’ve put together the best Apple TV gaming releases of 2020, inclusive of both Arcade and non-Arcade titles. So enough with the preamble, and on with the games.

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Best Apple TV Game Of 2020: Butter Royale

Choosing a Game of the Year is no easy task.

While my blogging output has been pretty minimal this year, I’ve played a lot of Apple TV games. So much so, I’m considering letting my PlayStation Plus subscription lapse. There seems to only be just enough room in my life for one console, and Apple TV combined with Apple Arcade is more than satisfying my gaming needs.

Out of all the Apple TV games I’ve played in 2020, there’s been one to which I’ve kept returning and pouring more hours into. Its developer has provided a constant drip feed of content and improvements, and its provided the most fun I’ve had with a controller in hand in a year that can be easily described as less than ideal.

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Upcoming Sociable Soccer 2020 Update: Tightening The Screws

In a recent post I detailed how much I’ve been enjoying spending some quality time with Sociable Soccer 2020 on Apple Arcade. I also however, noted a couple of wrinkles that Combo-Breaker (who handles development while Tower Studios owns the licence) might hopefully iron out at some point.

Well in recent days I’ve actually been afforded an opportunity to play an unreleased build of SS2020, in which the developer is aiming to address some specific issues and improve the game’s quality in general.

I’ll stress that the improvements I’ve seen may or may not make it into the final update when released, so bare that in mind as we jump in and have a look at what Combo-Breaker have been tinkering with under the hood.

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Oceanhorn Becomes A Trilogy via 16-bit Inspired Chronos Dungeon

Well that was unexpected. We now have a new Oceanhorn game to look forward to, as announced by studio Cornfox & Bros. earlier today. And wow, what a left turn the series is taking with this third title.

The 16-bit era is so revered that studios continue to pay homage, and Apple TV has it’s fair share. Recently released Aruna’s Adventure looks like serious fun, while the wonderful Evoland 2 takes players through a history lesson of RPG aesthetics (read ATVG’s review right here, and whatever you do, play it). And how can I not mention the iconic Chrono Trigger? Read the headline of this article again! If you’ve somehow managed to miss it on every other platform known to man, Chrono Trigger is also available on Apple TV.

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is throwing its 16-bit pixelated hat into the ring, and it looks the goods.

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