Apple Arcade Has Something For Everyone…Well, Almost


Looking through the selection of Apple Arcade’s all-you-can-eat buffet at the moment, it’s easy to want to say that there’s something to cater for all tastes.

But there is a notable absence, a genre missing that has been synonymous with gaming – and some might argue the most popular genre of all – for decades.

There are gamers that play this genre exclusively, and many that only ever play one franchise within that genre. Some even making a good living from playing this style of game competitively.

I’m talking of course about first-person-shooters.

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4 New Games Just Hit Apple Arcade On The Weekend

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 8.47.37 am.png

In ATVG’s part of the world, it was a Sunday. On Saturday I posted this list of 30 games that were yet to come to Apple Arcade, and less than 24 hours later, I was already updating the story, crossing a couple of them off.

Two of the games – Redout: Space Assault, and The Bradwell Conspiracy – I was eagerly anticipating, while the other two – Pilgrims and Nightmare Farm – weren’t even on ATVG’s radar.

While it’s not unprecedented for games to release to the App Store on a weekend, it’s certainly unusual. Years ago it became the norm for studios to release on a Thursday, and while other weekdays would see new titles, Thursday became the most common by far. But Saturday or Sunday? Get outta town!

Not that I’m complaining. Who doesn’t like waking up on a Sunday morning to find four new games had come to the subscription service you’d already subscribed to?

I’d mused in Saturday’s post on what sort of release schedule new Apple Arcade titles would follow. Is this to be the start of a new patten, in which each weekend new titles will be delivered to waking gamers? Maybe there will be no set pattern. Maybe small batches of new titles will just come when they’re good and ready, having been baked to a lovely golden brown by master chefs in studios around the world.

Remains to be seen.

For now, let’s have a look at this quartet of freshly baked goods, in which we have a first-person narrative adventure, a gorgeous looking story in which farming seems to be the main mechanic, a puzzle adventure from the makers of Machinarium and Samorost, and a space shooter.

It’s nice to get four such disparate genres all at once. If only one new game had arrived, chances are it may not be in your wheelhouse of favoured styles, but getting four new releases which would barely overlap on anyone’s Venn diagram, chances are much higher that players will find something to enjoy, possibly even more than one.

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Here’s 30 Games That Haven’t Yet Hit Apple Arcade


We’re a little shy of two weeks into a world in which Apple Arcade on Apple TV is a thing. And what a thing it is.

What phase are you in?

Personally I spent the first week in a phase of trying game after game for 15 minutes to half an hour while waiting for another one to download and so on and so forth. During every game I played, I felt sorry for all the games I wasn’t playing.

After that first week, I felt myself moving into a second phase which involved going back to the games I’d briefly tried but really enjoyed on the big screen, such as Spidersaurs, Exit the Gungeon, Sonic Racing (a bit broken at first, but here’s how I fixed it), Oceanhorn 2, Punch Planet and a bunch of others, and spending some more prolonged, quality time with them.

And then along came Dead Cells. What a distraction that was. And still is.

So now I’m alternating between runs in Dead Cells, and spending some solid time with Oceanhorn 2. All the others will have to wait patiently for their turn, I’ve only got two hands.

None of this is taking into account the multitude of Apple Arcade games that are a really nice fit for iPhone and iPad, which I’ve been dabbling in as well.

Prior to Apple Arcade’s launch, I posted this list of 61 games that I knew were coming to the service, but post-launch, many of them haven’t yet arrived. With that earlier list now redundant, I thought I’d filter out all the ones that launched, and post a new list with just the ones that haven’t, plus a couple more I’ve since learned about. As with the earlier list, I’ll look at updating this new list as more information comes to hand.

In total you’ll find 30 games over on page 2 that are on the way, and right about now would be a great time for Apple to start building some hype for what’s to come beyond the initial launch stage. While there’s already way too many games to have gotten through already, players will want to start looking to the future to see if the free trial they’re currently enjoying is worth converting into a paid subscription.

It’ll be interesting to see what sort of rhythm Apple Arcade settles into for new releases. Will they be weekly? Monthly? If it proves successful will we see some big hitters come to the party to sweeten the deal for consumers?

The future feels bright right now for Apple TV gaming as we bask in the afterglow of Apple Arcade’s launch, and hopefully there will be some big announcements to talk about in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

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An Appreciation: Dead Cells For Apple TV – All Killer, No Filler


Thanks to access to statistics due to running this site, one of the best indicators for me of a game’s popularity (whether it be an existing or upcoming title) is the amount of traffic that follows a story about that game.

Dead Cells from studio Motion Twin wasn’t on my radar until August, when publisher Playdigious emailed me letting me know it was bringing the release to iOS. I replied querying whether Apple TV-compatibility was on the cards, and on receiving a response in the affirmative, I posted this story.

The response via site-traffic was immediate, and that post has been one of ATVG’s consistently biggest hitters since, even among all the noise surrounding Apple Arcade’s arrival.

So the question of course is, now that Dead Cells has come to Apple TV, arriving two days ago as a universal app (meaning that owners of the iOS and iPadOS versions don’t need to buy it again for Apple TV), does it warrant all the attention?

Because sometimes games can achieve cult-status and popularity despite a lack of quality. Something about them will be seized on by influencers and after a certain cumulative mass-hysteria of hipness, it will be a brave soul that then speaks out negatively against it, which in turn feeds the beast even more.

What about Dead Cells though? Is it only good by popular decree, or is it actually good?

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PlayStation Blog Posts How-to Guide: DualShock 4 With Apple Devices


iOS 13, iPadOS, and tvOS 13 all brought compatibility for PS4 and Xbox controllers to our Apple screens big and small recently, and the family will be complete in October as macOS Catalina will do the same for Macs.

All tied in together, and along with Apple Arcade, Apple’s gaming ecosystem is a unique one, offering cross-save and universal functionality no matter which is your preferred Apple platform for gaming. Or you might just like to mix and match and take advantage of all the options.

After receiving a good question from a long-time reader recently, ATVG posted this article on controller compatibility, answering how many controllers can be connected to an Apple TV at any one time, and also having a look at just which controllers are supported.

Overnight, Sony has come to the party, posting a story on its blog which outlines everything players need to know about gaming on Apple’s hardware connected with a DualShock 4.

The story also details the use of Sony’s Remote Play app, which ATVG has been using for quite some time, and its fantastic.

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Dead Cells Hits Apple TV As A Universal App


When publisher Playdigious told The Apple TV Gaming Blog in a world exclusive reveal back in August that Dead Cells was coming to Apple TV, no date was given.

And so the wait began for this critically acclaimed action-platformer from Motion Twin to hit Apple’s lounge room hardware, bringing its Dark Souls-influenced combat to our big screens.

The wait has been made quite bearable thanks to the arrival of the all-you-can-eat gaming banquet that is Apple Arcade, leaving Apple TV gamers spoilt for choice as to what to play next (and if you’re in that enviable position of not knowing where to start with Apple Arcade’s offerings, then you could always follow in ATVG’s footsteps and check out the first four games I played)

Well, the wait is over, and now it will be a case of Apple TV gamers having to divide their time over yet another quality title, as Dead Cells has landed on Apple TV today.

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Apple Arcade Games Controller-Compatible, Despite App Store Saying No

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.30.52 am.png

On seeing the above information for Cat Quest II in the Apple Arcade section of the App Store, I felt two things – disappointment, and confusion.

Disappointment because I’d really been looking forward to this isometric action-RPG from The Gentlebros. on the big screen of Apple TV, with a controller in-hand for the full console experience. But as you can see, controller-compatibility is not listed.

Controller-compatibility, when listed, looks like this:

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 8.32.01 am.png

The confusion came due to a lack of controller support simply not making sense for Cat Quest II. Given that all Apple Arcade games are playable on iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs (when macOS Catalina arrives in October), I couldn’t see how a complex console-style action-RPG could possibly have controls shoehorned into the Siri Remote.

Okay I thought, I’ll download it to Apple TV and see for myself.

I’m glad I did.

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