Little Orpheus Episode 9 – More Beautiful Layers Of The Onion

A Rush of Onion to the Head is the cryptic title of Little Orpheus’ episode 9 which released just yesterday. Last night ATVG dimmed the lights, fired up the flatscreen, the Apple TV 4K and the Nimbus, and once again ventured down the rabbit hole with cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich.

Was it a good night in?

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The Chinese Room – the studio behind Little Orpheus – has found some sort of special sauce, managing to bridge the divide between video games and narrative fiction, a feat so many other studios have tried and failed to accomplish.

The term interactive fiction has been bandied about for so long now with very few games actually living up to the promise those two words convey, with one half of the equation so often overbalancing the other – interactivity versus fiction.

As with The Chinese Room’s previous games, such as Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the story of Little Orpheus is the point of playing. It’s narrative fiction wrapped in the guise of a video game, with Ivan narrating his memories to his dog Laika (strangely, also a cosmonaut), while players act out the flashbacks in real-time via 2D platforming mechanics.

It’s a wonderful premise, and wonderfully executed, with episode 9 easily matching the quality of previous episodes.

It’s not long, you can play through it in about an hour, which is, funnily enough, about the length of an episode of your favourite TV series. This is ideal, as Little Orpheus is presented in the style of a TV series. Very meta, right?

I’m not touching too much on story details as they’re best discovered by playing, but you’ll experience Ivan embarking on a vividly drawn fantasy involving the pollution of a once pristine world – Perun – through which he navigates via hot air-propelled flying ships, and a floating mechanical fish. I was right in my previous post, shit gets weird.

Episode 9’s epilogue sounds like it’s teasing yet another episode which is fine by me. I’d be happy to see Little Orpheus become an enduring series of ridiculous adventures; an ongoing interactive comic of sorts. I’d even happily see Ivan and Laika action figures taking up space on my office desk.

Consider me a fan.

Here’s the episode 9 trailer:

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