Time To Download Little Orpheus Again – Ep 9 Incoming (Very Soon)

Weighing in at 3.9GB on Apple TV’s App Store, Little Orpheus can easily be considered one of the big boned titles among Apple Arcade’s lineup (after all, there is that T-rex to cater for).

With only 64GB in total available on my Apple TV 4K’s hard drive, some housekeeping needs to occasionally be done, meaning that finite games with definitive endings are always the first to go once the credits roll (don’t worry Butter Royale, you are safe).

You can catch some bite-size reviews of a handful of games in which ATVG has seen the end credits (including Little Orpheus) right here, and here.

What I’m trying to say in a long winded way, is that I’m going to need to download The Chinese Room’s Little Orpheus again, because a new episode is on the way, and may even be out by the time I finish posting this piece.

The episode – number 9 – is titled A Rush of Onion to the Head, and The Chinese Room earlier today teased social media with some screens from the upcoming ep, complete with intriguing captions.

Hit the Continue button below for a peek.

“Beneath the fins I spotted the apertures of hoses, and was reminded of the time Auntie Agrafina devised a contraption to water all of her copious algae beds simultaneously with one flush of the toilet, by a system of pipes and valves that ran throughout her house.”

Cosmonaut Ivan Ivanovich’s in-game narration goes a long way to providing Little Orpheus with its very complete sense of world building, and carries a style of gallows humour that can best be described as extremely… Russian. It’s perfect. And genuinely funny.

Little Orpheus has already received one sizeable update that added unlockable behind-the-scenes details via collectible orbs, and the game’s episodic nature is an ideal setup for occasional content drops. Structured like an old 1950s or ’60s TV series, complete with cliffhangers and catch-ups, Little Orpheus is all about mood.

And just look at those screens.

”Weeks had passed since I left Plutonia and one evening, exhausted, I simply fell asleep at the foot of a strange windmill. And when I awoke…”

But don’t just look. Listen. Preferably with headphones.

If your sound is muted while playing Little Orpheus, you’re missing half the fun. The music, the effects, Ivan’s tall tales – it all makes for a very complete package, and it’s exciting to have more on the way.

Apart from these screens and captions, The Chinese Room has revealed on Twitter that the game’s current epilogue actually teases the events of the upcoming episode, as Ivan and his faithful dog Laika reminisce over the events of A Rush of Onion to the Head.

What’s with that title? Onions? To the head? And what does a giant mechanical fish have to do with windmills?

I think shit’s about to get weird.

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