3 More Apple Arcade Games I’ve Seen The End Of On Apple TV

Back in September, I posted news of five Apple Arcades titles on which I’d seen the end credits roll.

Since then, I’ve kept myself busy, continuing to enjoy the open-ended Apple Arcade games such as Butter Royale, and more recently Sociable Soccer, but also continuing to find my way through the finite ones, enjoying the act of immersing myself in one until there’s nothing left but the satisfaction of another finished game.

So here’s another roundup of three more Apple Arcade games that deserve the attention of your big flatscreen and controller. Three more Apple Arcade games that will remind you that your Apple TV is very capable of playing the role of a gaming console.

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Marble Knights

Rather than bipedal, the playable heroes of Wayforward’s action-adventure are mono-marbled. Legs are so yesterday. The future of ambulation is all about balls, baby. Balls.

And not just any balls.

Players will navigate the imaginatively constructed environments of Marble Knights on orbs infused with elemental powers – fire, ice, wind, electricity and so on – with which puzzles will be solved, enemies will be vanquished, and bosses will be taken to school. The discovery of new marbles on which to roll is a large part of the fun.

Marble Knights is as polished as the marbles featured, with high-end production values that are consistent throughout Apple Arcade’s roster of titles.

One thing I found a little strange until the penny dropped, was the vast amount of gold and gems being collected, causing me to expect a shop stocked full of exotic weaponry and armour to appear at some point soon. But a few levels in I realised the only reason for the gold was to pay the cost of respawning, and the amount collected means death carries no great consequence.

The pure playability of what feels like a lost Nintendo classic (as so many Arcade titles do) easily overcame this small complaint though.

By the time the end credits rolled, I didn’t have that feeling you sometimes have upon finishing a game, thinking that you enjoyed it but were ready for it to be over. Far from it. I’d be very happy for an extra level-pack to arrive at some point, extending the adventure, or perhaps even a Marble Knights 2.


I posted my impressions of Stela nearly 12 months ago in December 2019 (so, roughly a decade ago in human years). Recently I returned to this grim little physics puzzling gem to finish it off. This didn’t take long as it turns out I was about two thirds of the way through when I was distracted by other shiny Apple Arcade titles a year ago.

In hindsight it’s turned out that waiting was a good thing, as Stela has since received an update fleshing out the ending with a trippy, head scratching coda that I dare not spoil.

To describe Skybox Labs’ Apple Arcade release as a side-scrolling, physics puzzling platformer tells you what it does on paper, but does nothing to convey the creeping dread that is at times juxtaposed with the epic beauty of fallen civilisations.

I was, and still am enamoured with Stela’s dark grandeur and brooding, moody atmosphere.

Star Fetched

Give me a 2D platforming environment filled with squishy aliens, some creative, fun weaponry with which to blast them away, a spaceship and a bunch of different planets with noticeably different aesthetics and I’m a pretty happy camper.

I’ve read reports of Star Fetched being quite buggy, but maybe this was early on in its release, because my adventures in Crescent Moon Games’ Apple Arcade offering were bug-free, smooth and highly enjoyable.

Crafting new guns, boots and helmets with scraps scavenged from the planets you visit, will arm you with tools to suit varied play styles. Prefer something with a short range but a big one-off blast? Check. Or a piercing laser that can kill from afar? Check. Perhaps the discerning treasure hunter would like a gun that shoots a barrage of monster bones? No? Suit yourself.

The beautiful hand drawn end-credit sequence comes around all too soon, and as with Marble Knights, I’d definitely be open to an added planet or two with some new weapon blueprints to collect and craft.

Sign me up.

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