Real Racing 3’s Next Update To Include Marina Bay Street Circuit

New tracks and cars are the bread and butter of racing games when it comes to retaining player engagement.

The king of Apple TV racers – Real Racing 3 – now has over 140 cars to race and upgrade, with more on the way in its next big update – version 9.1.

New tracks however, are a much rarer feature, and some might say an even more exciting prospect. A new track gives players a fresh new playground in which to test out their favourite rides. Completely new turns to master, making an old game new again.

Now that F1 is a part of the Real Racing 3 roster, it makes sense to include more tracks from the real world of F1, and this is exactly what’s happening in the next big tentpole update from developer Firemonkeys.

Singapore’s Marina Bay street circuit is coming to Real Racing 3.

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In the world of Formula 1 racing, Singapore’s track is relatively new, with Marina Bay circuit’s inception in 2008 being F1’s first ever night-time race in the competition’s history.

A little over 5 kilometres long, the track includes another first with turn 18 actually passing underneath a crowd grandstand. I’m assuming that’s where the rich folks sit. For more information and history on Singapore’s F1 circuit, check out F1’s official website (and for the curious, DRS in the image above, means drag reduction system – a movable part on cars which can only be used in the above zones and under certain conditions).

Night time city racing will be an exciting inclusion for Real Racing 3. It’s definitely enough to get me back in the game to check it out. January 12 is the free update’s release date, so not long to wait.

What else is coming in the update?

Pictured above is just one of a handful of new cars headed to RR3 in the 9.1 update – the McLaren 765LT. Lamborghini’s Essenza SCV12 is also on the way, as is a raft of new events, time trials, and tweaks.

As I’ve written many times now, it’s fantastic to see Firemonkeys continue to roll out these free updates to Real Racing 3 on Apple TV, which on the 4K model runs buttery smooth and looks great.

Have a read of the full patch notes right here, and for a sneak peak at the new Marina Bay circuit in action, and the new cars, check out the studio’s video below:

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