Gamecube-era SpongeBob Game Remastered And Coming To Apple TV

You wouldn’t know it unless you clicked through to the App Store to preorder it, but the remastered (or in this case, rehydrated) version of a nearly 20 year old SpongeBob game – Battle for Bikini Bottom – is coming to Apple TV.

And very soon.

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SpongeBob has already made a splash on Apple TV via Apple Arcade game Patty Pursuit, a beautiful side-scrolling platform runner with visuals very faithful to the cartoon.

THQ Nordic studio Handy Games released Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated mid-2020 to consoles, and announced earlier this week a mobile version will be landing January 21. What it didn’t announce is Apple TV compatibility. And it’s amazing how often this happens.

Studios will often still announce that titles are coming to iOS without breaking down whether that also means iPadOS and/or tvOS. It’s a shame, and an indictment on the continuing battle for discoverability for Apple TV titles.

The trailer below shows a very competent looking 3D action platform game which flew under my radar a couple of decades ago, so I’ll be keen to check it out on the big screen via Apple TV.

Have a look:

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