Space Marshals 3: Chapter 2 – Pixelbite Aiming for Q1 Release

After playing and finishing the first chapter of the third Space Marshals title, all that’s left to do is wait for the second. And play other games. And maybe replay chapter one. The Space Marshals series is great for replay value, as there are always many ways to skin its levels.

You can check out ATVG’s impressions on the first 10 missions right here.

Following recent mail from Pixelbite, we now at least have a window of time for the second chapter’s release, and even a screenshot.

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“New environments, enemies, weapons and all that good stuff,” comes the word from Pixelbite.

The image above shows one of those new environments, placing Space Marshal’s Burton in some sort of prohibition-era setting, complete with stylish old vehicles. Is Burton on a mission to track down gangsters?

We’ll find out some time in the next couple of months if Pixelbite’s aim is true, with the studio “really hoping to release it Q1 2021.”

With January almost behind us, that leaves February and March.

Time will tell.

Here’s the trailer for Chapter One’s adventures:

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