Shadowgun Legends – A Road Map For 2018 Updates


On a completely random side note, while punching out this post, I’ve been listening to and absolutely loving Kamasi Washington’s 2018 release – Heaven and Earth. If you’re a fan of planet-sized jazz adventures it’s a must-listen, and weirdly appropriate for writing about an epic sci-fi adventure.

Back on topic.

At the time of Thursday night’s stream, Madfinger had already submitted the 0.5.2 update to Apple, meaning it should drop any time now. The team also laid out a rough outline for the rest of 2018’s updates, and for those of you with an hour to kill you can check out the full stream embedded below.

For those who just want the bullet points, minus the actual bullet points, read on.

Much the same as 0.5.1, 0.5.2 is all about bug fixes. The fixes will span a range of major and minor issues plaguing the game, such as players spawning in weird places during the Hivemind raid following a death, falling through elevators, a red screen issue in the Voltaic Fist raid, and an overpowering of gear bug during PvP activities.

Madfinger also claims that 0.5.2 should do away with the majority of SL’s disconnection issues, specifically an issue during PvP activities in which players will get disconnected while the game continues to run in the background.

An exploit with medals has also been rectified and 0.5.2 will see players who exploited the bug have their Fame retroactively corrected.

Following this round of bug spraying, what and when for 0.5.3?

The word from Madfinger is that 0.5.3 will roll out in about two weeks, give or take a few days, with this next update focusing once again on new content. Happy days.

0.5.3 will include three new emotes, new medals, new cosmetic items and weapons, and a whole new armour set which was described during the stream as having an “eastern theme,” which could mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

There will also be a new skill – Stun Resistance – as well as a bunch of skill tutorials. Madfinger lamented during the stream that many players were not utilising skills at all, and the skill tutorials are being rolled out to encourage experimentation. Whether these tutorials will be simple words on a screen with diagrams, or some sort of fun mini-game remains to be seen.

Also coming to 0.5.3 in two weeks time are some big-ticket items, including a character-customisation system described with the working title of a “paint bucket.” Players will be able to paint their character’s armour with colours and patterns, so be prepare to get your creative juices flowing.

Inventory size – too much is never enough in these sorts of games – will be increased to 150 slots for premium players. Giddy-up.

SL’s PvP ringmaster NPC – Nitro – is getting his own missions in 0.5.3. This wasn’t elaborated on but the more the merrier.

A new bug reporting system will be included, as will ReplayKit for the Apple TV version.

A whole new game mode for PvP is the final big-ticket inclusion for 0.5.3, with Madfinger teasing it as being “along the lines of team death match.”

That’s a lot of new stuff, and only two weeks away.

Apart from the immediate future, updates 0.6 and 0.7 were also teased, with 0.6 to be released around the time of Gamescom in Germany, which falls in late August, and was described as focusing on Esports, with features set to promote competition.

0.7 will arrive later in the year, and will open up the currently locked fourth planet. That was all that was said about that, but with a planet-sized update it would be fair to expect a planet-sized bunch of new content.

And so lies the remainder of the year ahead for fans of Shadowgun Legends.

There’s lots to look forward to, and ATVG will keep its ear to the ground as far as all things SL goes, so stay tuned Apple TV gamers.

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