From The ATVG Bunker: The Decemberist


While December is 31 days long, it always feels like the shortest month of the year. There’s a lot going on.

Not just the obvious hurdle of Christmas, and of course those obligatory Christmas parties taking up valuable game-time, but also the urge to wrap up the year of gaming that was, and put a neat bow around it with a Best Apple TV Games Of 2018 post. It’s always slightly daunting, but rewarding once done. Wish me luck.

So before the fat man cometh, after which ATVG can kick back for a couple of weeks, play games and drink whiskitoes, there’s work to be done.

December also happens to be ATVG’s birthday month, with December 8th being its second. More good times.

But wait, what’s a whiskito?

I’m glad you asked.


Pour one or two parts whisky (depending on how thirsty you are) over plenty of ice and crushed mint, fill the remainder of your tumbler with cold ginger beer, and you’ve got yourself a whiskito.

It’s a refreshing beverage I invented back before the turn of the century, between pipe dreams and rounds of Tekken 3 with a housemate. A previous life.

Life is different now compared to those heady days of the late-20th Century; a little more clarity, but certainly no less interesting.

Christmas in Australia means Summer, and a refreshing whiskito may not be exactly what readers in the Northern Hemisphere are looking for right now, but keep it up your sleeve and see what you think. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Anyhow, back on topic, not that we need a topic in a From The Bunker post, but believe it or not there is a point to all of this.

The next big thing that’ll happen in the ATVG calendar will be December 8th, birthday number two. And what’s the best present you could give The Apple TV Gaming Blog on its second birthday?

While ATVG is doing okay, with a few thousand Apple TV gamers reading this gibberish each month, it could always do better. So during birthday-month, please feel welcome to Like, Share, RT, post links to ATVG’s stories on Reddit, hire a sky-writer, have a few too many whiskitoes and get some ATVG ink under your skin…well, you get the idea.

I don’t think we’ve found all of the world’s Apple TV gamers yet; I’m sure there are many still in hiding in dark corners of the world, waiting for a light to shine upon them, letting them know it’s okay to come out, that they’re not alone.

Let’s collect them all. The more, the merrier.

And thank you for reading.

Okay. What else?

This year ATVG will also be posting an Apple TV Game Of The Year. It’s not something I’ve done on this site before, given that GOTY selections are so subjective. There’s worthy  games across many different categories, which makes choosing just one above all the others a tough task. But ATVG will step out of its comfort zone and just go with the game that’s been played and enjoyed most in the bunker.

Shadowgun Legends? Barbearian? Teslagrad? Ammo Pigs? There are of course others, and the full Best Of 2018 list and GOTY will be posted just before Christmas, so stay tuned.

In a few days time – December 6th – the annual Game Awards will be held, which has proven itself worthy viewing the last few years, and warrants a shout-out. It’s fun keeping in touch with gaming in general across all platforms, and the Game Awards is fast becoming gaming’s night of nights, making for some great entertainment. ATVG will be manning the recliner, watching.

Right then.

ATVG is off to scour the Apple TV platform for more news and games to bring you, with a bunch of stories already on my list of things-to-do that’ll get posted in the coming days. This quiet little undiscovered country of Apple TV gaming rolls on.

Thanks again for reading.

Safe and happy gaming.

Here’s an awesome track, just because:

If you’re new to The Apple TV Gaming Blog (ATVG), or just new to Apple TV gaming in general, or both, then the best place to get acquainted is our Best Apple TV Games Of 2017 article. You’ll find a great collection of games to play, and a bunch of useful links to our previous site content. Enjoy. 

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