Absolute Drift – Zen On Wheels?


Thursday’s Game of the Day App Store feature revealed an intriguing looking title from Canadian studio – Funselektor Labs Inc.

Absolute Drift seems to be mixing a strange cocktail of drift racing and transcendental meditation.


The premise is simple: master the art of drifting. The frame within which Funselektor  hangs its premise however, is anything but predictable. The trailer embedded at the bottom of the page is the best evidence of this.

Boasting more than three hours of chilled electronica, and dressed in a soothing colour palette with clean, sharply defined but unaggressive artwork, this is drifting like ATVG has never seen before.

Cars seem to float gracefully around the tracks, almost in slow motion, leaving tyre marks like memories in their wake. Hopefully it controls as beautifully as it looks.

Absolute Drift packs in a range of game modes, including free-roaming, a handful of cars to collect, various tracks, full controller support, and the PS4’s full Zen Edition content.

Might be worth taking for a spin, check it out:

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