Impressions: Teslagrad On Apple TV


I’ve been here before:

The constant rain, the shingled roofs, the cloaked strangers chasing me relentlessly through the dark, forcing me to find desperate sanctuary in Tesla Tower.

Once again a tourist in Teslagrad, transported to steampunk Europe this time courtesy of Apple TV instead of PS4.

Arriving in the tower once again, dry and with time to think, it’s here that Teslagrad really begins.


It’s always a joy when the mechanics of movement are learned through an opening that doubles as story exposition. It’s a sign of a studio willing to go that extra mile to provide immersion – a complete interactive experience, drawing players in rather than distancing them with a “play the tutorial” announcement.

Teslagrad on Apple TV works just as I remember it on PS4, which comes as a relief. Studio Rain Games hasn’t made shortcuts in the transition.

Beating the first boss for the second time is tough but satisfying, as boxes rain down, trying to push me to the right where fiery death threatens. This inferno battle has since been nerfed on Apple TV via an update which I find odd. While it was a hard-won battle, it was certainly doable. Perhaps the nerfing was for the sake of those on a touchscreen, without the advantage of a physical controller.

Past this first boss and the journey upwards through the tower continues.

With the map easily accessible via the L1 shoulder button, I proceed cautiously, and on this second adventure I’m managing to pick up a few of the hard-to-get collectible cards hidden throughout levels.

Even at this early stage the creativity in the puzzle design is impressive. In some sections the small bipedal robots help, in some they hinder and need to be avoided. Earning the teleport ability introduces me once again to the genuinely creepy wraith-like creatures, that want nothing more than to drain the life-force from my avatar. Platforms changed to the correct polarity send me hurtling across chasms otherwise impossible to traverse.

Ever upwards.

Ah, the theatre. These animations are works of art, and I chastise myself for accidentally knocking the thumbstick, removing me from viewing the theatre in full-screen. Once again still, full-screen resumes and the remainder of the cut-scene plays out. Further up, another piece of the puzzle unveiled in another theatre room. The contrasting animation styles between normal gameplay and these film sections acts as both story exposition and a palate-cleanser, allowing players to continue refreshed, ready to take on the next physical or mental challenge.

Studio Rain Games and publisher Playdigious have provided Apple TV gamers a welcome console experience with Teslagrad, achieving a fine balance between mental puzzling and action-platforming that is a joy to play.

Onwards and upwards.

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