5 More Upcoming Apple TV Games We’re Excited About

Runic Rampage (Electrocosmos)

Update: Runic Rampage is out now.

Original Story: The Apple TV games catalogue could do with a proper, top-down, action RPG, and we’re hoping that Runic Rampage from Berlin-based studio Electrocosmos (and publisher Crescent Moon Games) will fill that void.

ATVG is betting that this will be the first game to get crossed off this list, considering the studio recently announced Runic Rampage has been submitted to Apple for approval. This one shouldn’t be too far over the horizon.

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Distant (Snowman)

From studio Snowman – the team behind Alto’s Adventure (which you can also get on Apple TV) – upcoming Distant looks to carry the colour palette and atmospheric flavours of its predecessor.

The trailer for this upcoming 2D platform game drips with mystery, revealing a protagonist dwarfed within a cavernous environment, as an equally daunting soundscape accompanies proceedings.

Colour us intrigued.

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Where Cards Fall (Snowman)

Another one from Snowman – and this time in collaboration with new studio The Game Band – Where Cards Fall will have players building houses of cards to form and shape the world, with puzzles to solve in a very high-concept sounding adventure.

It’s always exciting to see developers exploring outside-the-box ideas, and bringing art and depth to puzzle-based gameplay.

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Monomals (PICOMY)

PICOMY has built itself an impressive track record in recent years in regards to quality 2D platform games.

Previous title Heroki is a fantastic platformer – available on Apple TV – that conjures memories of classic mascot platform games, while adding a polished, modern sensibility. And speaking of classic mascot platform games, the studio also worked on the recent Sonic revival – Sonic Mania – which has been garnering some high praise.

Details are scarce on Monomals, but from the information we have so far, it may see the developer step away from the 2D platform genre, and dip its toe into a more social environment, involving fishing and music creation.

It sure looks pretty.

This one is a ways off, with an expected release in 2018. We’ll share news as it comes to hand.

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Sky (thatgamecompany)

Okay this is big news. Big enough for thatgamecompany’s CEO Jenova Chen to announce it live on stage during the September Apple TV 4K reveal.

Thatgamecompany’s previous game – Journey – has become something of a yardstick and a touchstone when games writers write about artful, creative, experiential releases. In short, Journey is a true, modern classic. The announcement of the team’s next title during the Apple TV 4K portion of September’s event was big news for Apple TV gaming, and an indication gaming on Apple’s digital-only console might gain some more traction.

Here at ATVG, we got so excited by the announcement we posted a whole piece speculating on whether Sky might actually be able to sell gaming on the platform.

You can also watch a Q&A right here with Jenova Chen, as he talks about Sky’s inspirations and concepts.

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Okay that’s it for now. We’ll keep our ears to the ground and continue to bring you news of Apple TV gaming. While it’s exciting to be looking out for the next thing over the horizon, you’re probably also looking for some excellent games you can play right now, and we’ve got you covered there as well.

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