Moon Raider: Gameplay Videos Reveal Details of Upcoming Sci-Fi Advenure


The first video embedded below shows off some nice parallax scrolling between the foreground and background, giving the 2D environment a sense of cavernous space.

You’ll hear some nice touches with the sound effects here too, with satisfyingly retro pew-pew laser sounds followed by an alien bemoaning his fate.

Sometimes in these sorts of games that involve lots of gem collecting, the actual sound of gems being collected can be quite loud and obtrusive. Moon Raider seems to have hit a nice balance here, with a subtle but pleasing tinkle. This might sound like a really silly detail to mention, but haven’t you ever turned the volume down on a game due to the annoying recurrence of a loud collection sound, causing you to miss out on the rest of the  game’s sound design which has been otherwise nicely balanced?

Maybe it’s just me.

This is cool. The next video shows off what looks to be a key element of Moon Raider’s gameplay. It looks like you’ll be accompanied on your adventure by a little orange sidekick that has the handy talent of morphing into a Raptor. The morphing will clearly be used as a method of traversing otherwise inaccessible areas, such as this pool of lava.

The video shows a button prompt to hit “A” which perhaps indicates your character is at a stage where she has just acquired the companion and is being schooled in its use, or maybe a tutorial level early in the game. Also, the button “A” prompt would indicate controller support. Praise the Apple TV gaming gods.

So it seems your little orange sidekick is multi-skilled. Not only can it morph into a Raptor, but a nasty looking orange shark as well – technically known as an Ichthyosaurus. Retro Phone Games didn’t make that up, it’s an actual thing. Google it. They look scary.

Also in the video below you’ll meet another entry in the game’s catalogue of enemies – squids. They don’t seem to present much of a challenge to your Ichthyosaurus though.

Light, quick movement is on display in the video below. Our heroine has the staple skill of any good action platformer – the double-jump. She executes a nice snappy somersault on that double-jump too, adding some extra visual flair to the movement.

A very Sonic-like spring device gets in on the action as well.

Check the shield-bash at the start too. Handy.

At the bottom of the screen in this video you’ll notice boxes labeled with Blaster, Scatter, and Thruster, with 3 possible bars to be filled. This might indicate different weapons or skills that are possibly upgradeable. Hmmm.

This next video focuses more on the shield-bash, which looks to be another device used to access those otherwise inaccessible areas. And perhaps at times just another option to use when breaking open boxes for gems.

Notice the green blobby alien over to the right of the room? When the Heroine jumps on it, the alien becomes enclosed in a sort of container, and just before the camera follows the main character and leaves the alien, it looks like rockets appear on the container and it starts lifting off. Maybe you’ll be collecting or rescuing these little critters?

Often in games it’s the little things that count. Small, superfluous details that don’t actually effect gameplay can make a lasting impression and cause a game to be memorable and rich, instead of empty and workmanlike.  The glowing moon moths in the last video below are an example of this gameplay adornment – finishing touches that help to make alien worlds feel alive and populated.

Moon Raider looks to have many of these nice little touches, such as the way collected gems in the previous videos fly up into the corner of the screen rather than just disappearing, the changing expression on the face of your little orange sidekick as you shoot, and the blinking eyes of the Raptor.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into this promising looking old-school adventure, and we’ll keep you posted as more news come to hand regarding Moon Raider’s ongoing development.