The Ava Storyline – Upcoming DLC for Space Marshals 2 Announced


Space Marshals 2 is a great game to have in your pocket or on your tablet, but take it to a big screen via Apple TV and a controller (you’ll require a controller for this one) and that’s where it really shines.

This is a full-featured twin-stick shooter that would feel at home on any top-tier console, and through the magic and mystery of iCloud saving, your game’s progress will follow you from your pocket to your Apple TV, so you can continue your game on big screen or small, Nintendo Switch-style.

Check out ATVG’s review of Space Marshals 2 for the full details on why we dug Pixelbite’s shooter, and then you’ll know why we were excited to hear of the upcoming DLC today. More of a good thing is a good thing.

Four bonus missions were added in a free update back in March, but this next update will actually be paid DLC ($2.99US) with 10 new missions played through Ava’s perspective. It seems a fair price to pay for a solid chunk of new gameplay. Pixelbite describe Ava’s play style as “more focused on crowd control and trickery,” and the trailer below gives you a taste of what she’s capable of.

Pixelbite are also promising “loads of new functionality,” but that folks, is all we know at this time. We’re very much looking forward to finding out exactly what “loads of new functionality” means.

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