Red’s Kingdom – 2 New Islands in Big Casino Update


You gotta ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky?

Well, do ya, punk?

Okay I’m quoting Dirty Harry because this latest update involves a Casino. Get it? It’s a bridge, and I crossed it. Sometimes I can’t help myself, and sometimes I don’t want to. There was probably a better way to open this quick story, but I couldn’t think of it, so here we are.

In hindsight I think it could’ve been worse.


Red’s Kingdom keeps on giving right? Right. The good folks at Cobra Mobile have been squirreled away behind closed doors creating more than 50 new levels in this latest update, which involves new foes, The Golden Nut Casino, and a new puzzle mechanic. Now keen observers would spy that I’m borrowing heavily from the iTunes update notes here, and they would be right.

My apologies but there just haven’t been enough hours in the day yet since this update dropped to enable some quality time with this excellent puzzler, but all going well ATVG will jump in this weekend and see what’s to see.

If the original release is anything to go by, which we reviewed here (and loved), then you’re in for a treat. We liked it so much we included it in our article featuring three games you just have to play with the Siri Remote.

Newcomers of course will have access to not only the original levels, but also the first update which already brought two new islands to explore, plus this latest update with another two islands.

Better get cracking folks.