A Very Ubisoft Christmas – 200 New Levels for Rayman Adventures. For Free.


Rayman Adventures was a particularly fascinating launch title for Apple TV in 2015, as it saw Ubisoft exploiting a loophole in Apple’s developer rules.

At the time, all games had to be playable using the Siri Remote, which saw some developers mapping awkward control schemes to the device in order to get games onto the new platform. Obviously they were aiming for the crowd who had bought controllers to go with their Apple TVs, but still had to work within the requirement.

Thinking outside the box, as they do, Ubisoft employed a contextual control scheme that saw Rayman Adventures function as an auto-runner when being played with a Siri Remote, and as a fully-fledged 2D action-platformer when using a controller. With the remote, players could change directions but never actually stop running, yet a controller enabled full control over Ubisoft’s mascot.

Apple has thankfully since done away with the requirement, with Halfbrick’s excellent Dan The Man being one of the few Apple TV titles currently taking advantage of the option to go controller-only, and is all the better for it.

Rayman Adventures is a typically beautiful looking outing for the IP, and with a controller it’s an easy recommendation. If you’ve exhausted the content available over the last year, then now is a great time to jump back in as Ubisoft has just released a free update with no less than 200 new levels.

I’ve really only scratched the surface of Rayman Adventures, but I intend to remedy that as soon as possible and post a much more in depth look at Ubisoft’s contribution to Apple’s gaming console. It’s free-to-play so check out the trailer below and if you like what you see (and it’s hard not to) then hit that “Get” button and have fun!


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