Big Names, Small Games – Apple Features Square Enix and Disney in This Week’s New Releases


Apple TV’s App Store refresh hits just before each weekend, with the first few tiles being replaced each week by featured new releases. In this relatively early stage of the platform’s life, it’s especially exciting to switch on each week to see the catalogue evolve. Watching which games get featured by Apple will also be an important part of determining the direction Apple TV gaming heads as far as style and substance goes, and while free-to-play has its place, it’s nice to see priced games getting a nod as well.

This week we see Square Enix’s trio of “Go” games taking pride of place, which have been very well received mobile distillations of triple A counterparts Hitman, Deus Ex, and Lara Croft.

The essence of these franchises are boiled down into a mix of puzzle and action, with a stylised board game aesthetic. It’ll be interesting to see how they translate to the big screen.

Next in line is Hipster Whale’s Disney Crossy Road. The original Crossy Road was a launch title for Apple TV, and saw the hit iOS smash translate to the big screen with an excellent multiplayer addition, which is great frantic fun. I haven’t had a chance to try out the Disney version on Apple TV yet so I’m not sure if it includes the multiplayer mode as well, but the description doesn’t mention it. It would be a shame for it to miss out, because it’s really what makes the big screen version shine,  but I’ll update this post if it does have it.

With one more week of releases before Christmas, it’ll be very interesting indeed to see which games score these few featured spots. Minecraft was hinted at releasing before the end of the year at this year’s WWDC, so watch this space.