Hands-On with Atomic Super Lander’s v1.1 Update: It’s Actually a Game Changer

Collected gears can now be spent on upgrading your astronaut’s and your ship’s abilities, adding features such as a fireball punch (who doesn’t love that?), extra air, aggressive and passive abilities for your ship, and more.

The update also adds level checkpoints, meaning you don’t have to start from the very beginning each new game.

These two additions of upgradeable abilities and checkpoints sound simple on paper, but they have the effect of really fleshing out Atomic Super Lander, giving the game a more persistent feeling of achievement, and some nice variety. While the 1.0 version was a fun little gameplay loop, it just feels like a larger game now, and more tied together. In my review I wrote of enjoying the title but wishing for more, and I’m very happy to say my wishes have been answered.

Embedded below is a video bitWeird put together showcasing the features of the update, and it’s worth checking out. Enjoy!