Is There a Tekken or Street Fighter Style Game on Apple TV?


At this stage of Apple TV’s life, most of its games are ports from iOS, and one of the main sticking points in making that transition has been some lazy implementations of UI. The input method of touchscreens dictates a completely different menu style to a console layout that’s navigated with a gamepad. In making the leap from big screen to small, some developers have gone the extra mile and completely redesigned the UI for Apple TV, as is the case with Gameloft’s Gods of Rome.

“Shifting the action to the large screen doesn’t just mean making everything bigger,” says Gameoft on its official site. “The Gods of Rome team has also gone about retooling the whole experience to work on a controller. Taps and swipes – which worked perfectly when playing on touchscreen – have been seamlessly replaced with button and d-pad controls to let you create stunning combos.”

Gods of Rome is only playable with a controller, another indication of Gameloft’s commitment to making its 2D fighter feel like a complete console experience on Apple TV, as opposed to a mere port of a mobile title.


The end result is a fun fighter with really nice visuals, and an extensive roster of combatants, all based of course on various Gods, which is a nice theme for a fighter. Combos are not particularly deep, hence my comment on this being a Tekken or Street Fighter Lite in the opening, although timing yours attacks and blocks does play a key part in winning and losing, so it’s not a complete button-masher.

There is also PVP, regular events, and a levelling up system for your fighters which greatly adds to the longevity.

Gameloft now have quite a lineup on Apple TV, including Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter, and Modern Combat 5, all of which featured in ATVG’s Best Apple TV Games: Year One. Funnily enough Gameloft were also one of the first developers to release what were described as ‘console-like’ games on iOS in the first few years of the mobile platform’s existence, so it seems appropriate that it’s also putting forward some strong offerings for Apple TV.

Gods of Rome is free-to-play, and definitely worth losing some time to. Check out the video below of Anubis in action for an idea of what to expect:

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