The Weekend


I know, it’s an unimaginative headline, but it’s Saturday morning and I’m only halfway through my coffee. Plus it leaves me so many options about what to talk about. Maybe that’s a bad thing though.

I somehow managed to miss my regular Random Friday Thoughts Facebook post this week, which to be honest is no great loss, as they weren’t really living up to their title. Yeah they were on a Friday, and sure they were thoughts, but they were never really particularly random. They didn’t do what they said on the box.

So welcome to The Weekend. Although depending where in the world you’re reading this from, I might be writing to you from the future, in which case I wish you a Happy Friday.

Hit page 2 for a rambling, weird sort of wrap-up to the week, that will probably prove to be a complete waste of your precious time. If so, I apologise in advance.