The Weekend


Sadly, it’s been another quiet week for big, newly released games on the Apple TV App Store. We were having such a great run there for a while, with Space Marshals 2, Smash Club, Xenoraid, Machinarium, and Stellar Wanderer. And then last week and this week, no big, fat, traditional video games to get busy with. In all fairness, The Big Journey looks really well done, but looks more suited to the little people in our lives. If you’ve any freeloaders in your house who aren’t old enough to sign a cheque, then I say go for it, and let us know what you think on Facebook. Is it worth recommending?

This week we saw Blocko released, which also looks lovely, but those sorts of minimalist puzzle games are better suited to an iPad, a big recliner, mood lighting, a Zero 7 album and two fingers of whiskey. Seriously, if you haven’t tried it, it’s a great way to play those sorts of games. Obviously the variables can be swapped out for options that are more your flavour. You might prefer red wine and Feist for example, another great combo.

We also say Tiny Bombers released, more of a snack than a main meal, but I’ll check it out later this week. Promise. 

I have a suspicion that this time next week we may be sinking our teeth gum-deep into Quantum Revenge. I won’t overcommit just yet to hyperbole, but it does look nice. But the proof is in the eating, so we’ll wait and see.

I’ve scheduled a fun piece to go live Tuesday morning ATVG time (or Monday evening New York time), which squeezes Frankenstein and car racing into the one article. It’s really just an excuse to take a look at some of the quality racers we have access to on Apple TV. There really is a bunch. If you’re after some big, dumb fun, Asphalt 8 really scratches that arcade itch, and on the big screen through Apple TV you’ll find the optimal way to experience it. Or try going off road and getting wet with Riptide GP: Renegade, which I just posted a review of this week. Also excellent. Or, a third option for those who’d like to join me in the future, AG Drive is a very solid anti-gravity racer that is a trip with all the lights off and the sound cranked up loud.

Off topic though, whoever curates those weekly 99 cent iTunes movies needs to be commended on their taste. I’m looking forward to checking out Demolition this weekend, Gyllenhaal is a great actor. And Swiss Army Man looks like a trip down the rabbit hole. Paul Dano is building an impressive body of work with some really off-beat roles, and Daniel Radcliffe playing a corpse? Sign me up. Or shut up and take my money. Or whatever the cool kids on the street are saying at the moment.

Back to games, there’s plenty to play, and plenty of platforms on which to play them. So whatever your flavour, have a great weekend.

Seriously, enjoy!