Vector Unit’s MouseBot Promises Cheese and 3D Platforming for Apple TV

“MouseBot started as an experiment for us, a way to refresh our creative focus and try something different,” says Vector Unit’s Co-Founder and CTO, Ralf Knoesel. And something different it certainly is. 

After three racing games – Beach Buggy Racing, and two Riptide games – it’s always encouraging to see a studio leaving its comfort zone and trying a completely new genre. MouseBot looks to be bringing back some old school 3D platform gaming to our big screens, and the team’s timing might be perfect too. The genre seems to be experiencing something of a revival right now, with the upcoming Yooka-Laylee from Team 17 releasing in April as well (for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux, and Nintendo Switch).

“It’s something very new – a platform game with driving and jumping and a whole lot of robot-mouse mayhem,” Knoesel sure sounds excited, and we are too, given the lack of big releases Apple TV has had over the last couple of weeks. 

MouseBot features more than 65 challenging levels, as players are tasked with guiding their avatar through mechanical traps created by the cat scientists at CatLab. Kitty Krushers, mines, lasers, Roller Graters (doesn’t sound pleasant), and bot-melting acid stand in the way of a quest for cheese. 

Come April 4th there will be nothing standing in the way of trying it out, as MouseBot will be free to download and play, with a premium upgrade to remove ads and timers. Sounds like a fair deal. 

Check out the trailer, and we look forward to bringing you more next week when MouseBot hits digital store shelves.