How to Find Space Marshals 2’s Most Hidden Token

Load up the Hanged Man’s Hill mission. First, you’re going to need explosives. From where you first spawn on the map, head as far East as you can. For an extra hint, match up the mini-map in the top right corner of these screenshots with your own. Grab the explosives circled in the screen above.

Head back West to the main bridge in the middle of the map. You’ll probably want to take out the enemies as you go so they stop causing you headaches. See the gap in the fencing circled on the screen above? Head through that, and continue West.

You’ll come to this door. Go through it. For those who hadn’t found it already, there will have been another COR-V token about halfway between the bridge and this door, nice and easy to find out in the open.

You’ll find yourself in this room above with a laser. Wait behind the protective barrier as the laser travels to the top of the screen, and when it does, run down to the bottom, place your explosives at the blockage, and run back up behind the protective barrier.

Now you’re free to go back down through the hole you just created and collect your hidden COR-V token.

All done.

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