MouseBot: Escape From CatLab is Out Now on Apple TV 

I love seeing studios buck the trend established years ago for when to release iOS games, and as a consequence, tvOS games. 

Every Thursday a fresh flock of lambs (or lemmings) lines up to take the plunge off the metaphorical App Store cliff. Each one hopes to be caught by success, and given wings to save it from being lost in the crowd, and drowning in obscurity down below. 

Thankfully, there are six other days in the week. Quantum Revenge for example, released last Sunday. Sunday. And here is MouseBot: Escape From CatLab, fresh-faced and bright-eyed, born on Tuesday the 4th of April. Normally I associate Tuesdays with cheap pizza and half-priced movie tickets, so adding a newly released game to those associations makes for a full day of entertainment.

ATVG will be firing up MouseBot and posting some impressions in the coming days, but in the meantime, it’s free-to-play so the only obstacles are time and megabytes. 

If you end up digging MouseBot to the extent that you’d like to wear your heart on your sleeve, Vector Unit even have t-shirts ready to go, check them out right here.

Here’s the trailer once again, and we will be back in the not too distant future with some more words. 

All your Quantum Revenge Questions Answered in Handy FAQ

Quantum Revenge hit our Apple TVs last night, and developer Realtech VR has posted a comprehensive FAQ guide for all your technical questions: how to restore your purchases, hardware enquirers, what the in-app-purchases do, and so on. 

You can jump over to the FAQ guide right here.

Unfortuneately ATVG won’t be able to sample the goods until later in the week, so you’re on your own until then. We will post some impressions this weekend and follow up with a full review ASAP.

Until then, play nice. 

Quick Look: Time Monkeys – from the Designer of Micro Machines


During our recent look at Kosmik Revenge, we suggested typing “shooter” into the search field of your Apple TV. The result is a couple of pages of various styles of shooters – some good, some not so good. It was this experiment that brought us to Time Monkeys. The screenshots showed what might be an okay twin-stick shooter, but it was the description and the studio that really piqued our interest.

Time Monkeys is from a team called Kwalee, which boasts founders and staff that hail from racing giant Codemasters. More specifically, Time Monkeys is attributed to none other than Andrew Graham, designer of a little NES classic you may have heard of – Micro Machines.

Hit page 2 for more.

We Have Two Copies of Quantum Revenge to Give Away


Update: The Apple TV version of Quantum Revenge is out now also. 

Original story: Studio Realtech VR have been kind enough to give us two promo codes for Quantum Revenge to give away. The mech and Manga-inspired twin-stick shooter just released a few hours ago on iPhone and iPad, with the Apple TV version coming later in the week.

If you are quick enough to race over to our Facebook page and redeem one of the two codes, it’ll give you access to download all three versions – iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (once it’s available).

So be quick and mash the Facebook link on the ATVG banner up above, and grab a code!

We recently posted a video of the first mission in Quantum Revenge so you can get an idea of the gameplay – you can check it out right here.


Spoiler Alert: Wanna See the Whole First Mission in Quantum Revenge?


It must be hard for developers to decide where to draw that line: how much of a game to reveal before release?

At what point are you no longer creating interest and starting to spoil the joy of discovery? There’s really no definitive answer to this conundrum, and ultimately it’s up to players to decide whether or not to accept a studio’s invitation to peak behind the curtain.

In this case the role of the curtain will be played by the page 2 button below. Go ahead and mash it if you’d like to see the whole of the first mission as revealed by studio Realtech VR, including its boss fight.

If you’d prefer to go into Quantum Revenge completely cold, well, we understand.

Isn’t free will a beautiful thing?

Kingdom: New Lands – My Kingdom for ATV Discoverability


“One horse. One monarch. One bag of coins. That’s all a burgeoning ruler needs to start a Kingdom. Good luck!”

The intriguing invitation above combined with such gorgeous pixel art sure makes it hard to resist Kingdom’s call.

This one actually released back on March 9th for Apple TV, and while there is a chance that I’m wrong, I can’t remember seeing a previous feature spot for it on the ATV App Store. That of course means it’s hard to find unless you know that it’s already there to search for. Or if you go through laboriously letter by letter, to see what’s new. So unfortunately it slipped through the net, until now, finally with a featured spot announcing its presence. And it sure looks like it deserves one.

Hit page 2 for more info.