Realms and Skyrim Hit Minecraft: Apple TV Edition


A monthly subscription to Realms gives players access to a persistent online world of your creation. The sub comes in a cheaper option that allows the purchaser and up to two friends to enjoy that world, or a more expensive tier allowing 10 friends plus the subscriber.

It’s your very own Minecraft server, however you get to leave the running of the server to Mojang. No one can crash your party either, as your friends can join by invite only.

You could actually make the subscription quite cheap too if you and your 10 friends all agree to contribute towards the cost. Only the subscriber needs to pay – the 10 friends get to enjoy the world for free. Although if your friends really are friends, then that might add up to a pretty cheap subscription when split 11 ways. Splitting the cost still ends up being fair for everyone too, considering that even if the subscriber isn’t online, the other 10 can still access and play within the Realm. So by not being the original subscriber, they’re not missing out.

11.11.11 was a historic day for gamers, as it was on that day that the epic RPG Skyrim released. Ah, the memories. On a fun side note, the current Game Informer magazine listed Skyrim in the number one spot within the mag’s Top 100 RPGs of All Time. Well deserved.

The trailer below will bring smiles to the faces of Skyrim fans – even the iconic music is there. Mojang’s Minecraft mash-up definitely looks and sounds the part.

Right then. ATVG is off to see about getting through the last star system in Subdivision Infinity before the weekend hits so we can post our review.

Happy gaming.