GRID Autosport to Apple TV? Feral Interactive are “Looking Into” It.


It could be worse, Feral Interactive could have said no. So for now at least, our dreams remain intact. Take a look at the trailer embedded below and you’ll most likely agree that if this version of GRID Autosport hits Apple TV, then Real Racing 3 will have a serious contender on its hands for the platform’s pole position racer. Especially considering this is only alpha footage.

Feral Interactive specialises in porting big Triple A franchises to mobile, Mac, and Linux. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III recently hit macOS and Linux, and recent ports of F1 2016, ROME: Total War, and Alien: Isolation are just a few of the other big hitters the team can take credit for.

The unveiling of the trailer below for GRID Autosport – releasing on mobile in a few months time (Fall in the North, Spring in the South) – got us wondering here at ATVG if we’d see this version on Apple TV. We reached out to Feral Interactive, with the company’s reply being, “We’re looking into GRID Autosport for Apple TV, but have no confirmation either way at this point.”

Glass half full folks.

We’ll stay in touch with the team and as soon as we know more (or less as the case may turn out to be), then you’ll know more. Or less.

In the meantime, there are some decent racing titles to dip into on the Apple TV platform, and not long ago we put together a fun look at picking our favourite elements from some of those, and Frankensteining them into a dream Apple TV racer. Enjoy.

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