We Have Two Free Copies of Framed 2 to Giveaway for Apple TV


We recently posted about the original Framed and its unique game mechanic, and the first in the series is still free for another 24 hours or so. It’s definitely worth playing – you’ll soon discover why the sequel has been so eagerly anticipated.

We haven’t had a chance to jump into the sequel yet, which is actually a prequel, but it’s the absolute next thing on our list of things to do. As in as soon as this story is posted. Once we’ve taken a deep dive into Loveshack’s newest noir adventure, we’ll report back with impressions.

It’s turning into an excellent week for Apple TV games, with Forma.8 dropping tomorrow as well. Now all we need is more hours in the day.

Oh yeah…nearly forgot…the codes.

Here they are:



To redeem one, head over to iTunes on your Mac, or the App Store on your iOS device, hit the “Redeem” button, and enter one of the codes.

If someone has beaten you to it, you’ll get a message on screen telling you so.

Good luck.