Cute Mechanical Platform Puzzler Grobo Hits iOS/Android Today

Grobo Grobo Header.png

Don’t worry, this is still The Apple TV Gaming Blog.

I don’t normally post about games here on ATVG that are not destined for Apple TV, but I’ve been playing a pre-release copy of Grobo from Hot Chocolate Games for the last week or so, and it’s such a nice little title that it deserves a mention.

Today was the big day of release for Grobo (or g.r0b0 as he is technically called), a diminutive robot trying to find out why it’s suddenly all alone in the big bad world of Megatrolopis.



Waking up to find all other signs of life gone, Grobo embarks on an adventure to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Intuitive swipe touch controls enable players to navigate Grobo through 48 handcrafted levels, implementing a gravity-shifting mechanic as the main hook to hang the gameplay on.

As is the norm with these sorts of puzzle games, levels start out easily enough, and gradually increase with difficulty, layering in obstacles with growing complexity.

None of this may sound particularly new or original, but the production values that Hot Chocolate Games have poured into Grobo is what sets it apart.

The charming story slowly uncovered by succeeding through levels, the painterly backgrounds, and endearing characterisation of Grobo all add something a little extra to the title, establishing the studio as one that wants to go beyond the simple execution of an idea, and instead producing something complete and polished that a team can be proud of.

Even the soundtrack has been thoughtfully composed, so headphones are recommended.

Grobo released today as a premium paid title on iOS and Android.

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