Oceanhorn Becomes A Trilogy via 16-bit Inspired Chronos Dungeon

Well that was unexpected. We now have a new Oceanhorn game to look forward to, as announced by studio Cornfox & Bros. earlier today. And wow, what a left turn the series is taking with this third title.

The 16-bit era is so revered that studios continue to pay homage, and Apple TV has it’s fair share. Recently released Aruna’s Adventure looks like serious fun, while the wonderful Evoland 2 takes players through a history lesson of RPG aesthetics (read ATVG’s review right here, and whatever you do, play it). And how can I not mention the iconic Chrono Trigger? Read the headline of this article again! If you’ve somehow managed to miss it on every other platform known to man, Chrono Trigger is also available on Apple TV.

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon is throwing its 16-bit pixelated hat into the ring, and it looks the goods.

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Four heroes on a dungeon crawling action adventure with couch co-op. That’s a nice start.

Set in the same universe as Oceanhorn 1 & 2 but set 200 years after the catastrophe of the sequel, Cornfox promises family-friendly yet satisfying adventuring; cartoony but challenging, balanced rather than hard.

Those who don’t have any other couch potatoes to join in will be able to swap characters and still experience the varying abilities each brings to the table.

Check out these beautiful pixel art heroes:

Cornfox’s blog says coming soon but Oceanhorn 2 had a very long lead time, so we might be in for a wait. Who knows though? Maybe a Christmas Apple Arcade bonus is ready to drop?

Cornfox is hitting all the right touchstones in its promo material for Chronos Dungeon – “rogue-lite” but with a “modernised arcade style,” and “inspired by … favourite fantasy tabletop games.”

Down the rabbit we go, deeper and deeper, level by level, “in an epic quest against the god that set the events of the main Oceanhorn saga in motion, Chronos himself,” teases the studio.

Head over to the Apple Arcade section of the App Store on your Apple TV to see a trailer in its full flatscreen glory. And yes, I’ve already mashed that ‘Get’ button.

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