ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts Of 2018


Holding up this mirror once a year to show the beast its true face tells a large part of Apple TV gaming’s story for 2018, but not the whole story.

The rest can be found between the lines; partly in the stories you think will turn up on these lists but don’t – such as the Steam Link app saga – and partly in the stories you know definitely won’t, such as my From The ATVG Bunker posts.

For me, and many other games writers, those least-viewed posts are often the most interesting, to both read and to write. And then of course those least-viewed posts leave us wondering why.

All that being said, I love you Internet, and I find these most clicked-on lists a fascinating snapshot of the status quo. And hey, as these very lists prove, readers love a good list.

Long time readers will see some familiar stories making an encore appearance, having also turned up in 2017’s most clicked-on list.

Right then. Following on from the Best Apple TV Games of 2018, the 2018 Apple TV Game of the Year, and the Most Anticipated Apple TV Games of 2019, let’s give that rearview mirror some perspective, and click the continue button below to check out ATVG’s Top Ten Most Clicked-On Posts of 2018.
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