New Release: Xenoraid Made it to Apple TV Today – Early Impressions


Last month after reaching out to developer 10tons, I received word that its vertical shooter Xenoraid “should make it to Apple TV.” Well today it did.

Today has been a good news day for space shooters on Apple TV, with 3D space epic Stellar Wanderer being announced for release next week, and side-scrolling shooter Toon Shooters 2 getting a massive 2.0 update on March 2nd.

I’ve just spent a short half hour with Xenoraid and I can say at this early stage that things look very promising. It’s been available since November 2016 on PS4, and certainly carries that PlayStation Plus factor that I talked about last week, being a smaller indie title that brings some innovative gameplay twists to a well known genre.

Players are able to navigate everywhere across the entire screen, and swap out different ships with varying weapon configurations when needed, depending on damage taken or the types of enemies present. This looks like it will add a nice element of strategy and variety as difficulty increases in later levels, coupled with the fact that ships and weapons can be upgraded as well. Tapping your various ships in and out is a great new twist to a very old genre and spices things up nicely.

You can download Xenoraid for free which gives you a trial version with some missions and ships, with a small price to unlock the full game. And that’s exactly what I’m about to go and do so I can sink my teeth into it, and post a longer review in the not too distant future.


Space Combat RPG Stellar Wanderer Coming to Apple TV Next Week


Fight. Mine. Explore. Trade. Apple TV gamers looking to settle in and enjoy those four tenets of the 3D space combat genre have so far only had Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising to toy with. While the prologue to Galaxy on Fire 3 is good fun, it’s not a particularly deep experience, tasking players  with a fairly linear mission structure.

Stellar Wanderer on the other hand takes its RPG trappings a little more seriously, with Crescent Moon Games going so far as to label it a “Space Opera,” and promising over ten hours of gameplay in order to complete the main storyline. Throw in some side missions, mining and exploration, and Apple TV gamers should have a good few hours of gaming ahead of them.

These sorts of deeper, richer experiences are just what Apple TV is needing more of. As I described recently in my review of Red’s Kingdom, ports of simple one-touch iOS games are not what you sit down in front of your big screen for.

Crescent Moon Games have announced “next week” as the scheduled release for Stellar Wanderer on Apple TV, with it coming via a “massive update” to the iOS version which adds universal compatibility, and of course the “massive update” wording could also mean extra content, so fingers crossed on that front. I would expect it to hit Thursday or Friday, given that the studio (and prolific publisher) normally follows the established iOS release routine.

Good times ahead.