The First Coronavirus Lockdown Apple Arcade Twitch Stream By Screentimes


You missed it. It’s over. But there will be more.

I woke this morning and was prompted into action after seeing a post on Twitter by Sigmund Judge – head honcho of Screen-times. Judge was about to go live from London with his first-ever Twitch stream during the Coronavirus-induced mandatory lockdown, beaming Apple Arcade games out into the void.

It ended up being a coming together of Apple TV gaming Avengers – with the extended universe of MrMacRight and yours truly from The Apple TV Gaming Blog chatting complete nonsense in the chat box, while our host Judge held forth on vocals and trying not to get shot in the face in Butter Royale.

For the uninitiated – MrMacRight has the best YouTube channel for all things Apple gaming (across all devices), while Screentimes is currently building a new site, soon to relaunch and dispense wisdom on all things Apple, with a big focus on entertainment (think Apple TV+) and Apple TV gaming.

But wait. Before we go any further. Where the hell has ATVG been the last couple of months? Gone fishing? Again?

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