Space Combat RPG Stellar Wanderer Coming to Apple TV Next Week


Fight. Mine. Explore. Trade. Apple TV gamers looking to settle in and enjoy those four tenets of the 3D space combat genre have so far only had Galaxy on Fire: Manticore Rising to toy with. While the prologue to Galaxy on Fire 3 is good fun, it’s not a particularly deep experience, tasking players  with a fairly linear mission structure.

Stellar Wanderer on the other hand takes its RPG trappings a little more seriously, with Crescent Moon Games going so far as to label it a “Space Opera,” and promising over ten hours of gameplay in order to complete the main storyline. Throw in some side missions, mining and exploration, and Apple TV gamers should have a good few hours of gaming ahead of them.

These sorts of deeper, richer experiences are just what Apple TV is needing more of. As I described recently in my review of Red’s Kingdom, ports of simple one-touch iOS games are not what you sit down in front of your big screen for.

Crescent Moon Games have announced “next week” as the scheduled release for Stellar Wanderer on Apple TV, with it coming via a “massive update” to the iOS version which adds universal compatibility, and of course the “massive update” wording could also mean extra content, so fingers crossed on that front. I would expect it to hit Thursday or Friday, given that the studio (and prolific publisher) normally follows the established iOS release routine.

Good times ahead.

Review: Red’s Kingdom – Have You Seen My Nuts?


One-touch puzzle games and auto-runners are not a good fit for consoles. They’re a great fit for your pocket or your work bag, to be played in between a day’s requirements as a break or an unplanned diversion. Console gaming on the other hand is a more focused affair that you’ll specifically set aside time for: Switch on the TV, fire up the sound system, wait for the console to come off standby, and finally settle yourself into the couch. Two different extremes of the gaming spectrum.

At first glance it would be easy to write Red’s Kingdom off as a simple, one-touch puzzle game. Essentially it’s a series of rooms that require players to find a solution in order to progress from door A to door B. But take a closer look and you’ll soon see why Red’s Kingdom deserves to graduate from small screen to large, from mobile to console. Beneath it’s simple mechanic of swiping towards one of four compass points players will discover a rich, hand-crafted experience that feels very at home on Apple’s digital-only gateway to your big screen.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Punching Teddy Bears with Halfbrick’s Dan The Man. Wait, WTF?!

Having just played this week’s first daily event, I think it’s safe to say that Dan is not a romantic. Hell, he’s so far on the other end of that scale that I’d guess either one of two scenarios is playing out: Either Dan has had his heart so unconditionally stomped on that he’s conducting some self-help therapy, or, scenario two, these teddy bears are the spawn of Satan. 
You’re welcome to hit ATVG up at the Facebook link up top if you can think of any other plausible scenarios for the anti-romance going on.

Either way, these weekly events are a great way to earn some coins, and kudos to Halfbrick for keeping them going with such variety and tongue-in-cheek mayhem. 
Check out ATVG’s full review of Dan The Man right here, and strap yourself in, it’s only one more sleep until February 14th. 

I’ve a feeling Dan’s week has only just begun.

Apple TV Gaming and the PlayStation Plus Factor


Remember learning about Venn Diagrams in school? Those overlapping circles used to depict commonalities? Take a look at the following list of games, and as you do, consider what they might all have in common:

Road Not Taken (Spry Fox)
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved (Lucid Games)
Chariot (Frima Studio)
Broken Age (Double Fine Productions)
Transistor (Supergiant Games)
Badland (Frogmind)

They all actually have two things in common: They’re all available on Apple TV, and at some point they’ve all been made available in Sony’s PlayStation Plus monthly game offerings. It’s an interesting overlap, and it helps me illustrate a point regarding the sorts of games that I’ve imagined being part of Apple TV’s catalogue since the platform’s release just over a year ago.

When I’ve thought to myself or been asked by others what sorts of games I envision being suitable to the Apple TV console, in my mind I have a very simple answer: PlayStation Plus games. I of course know what I mean when I think that, but if you mash the page 2 link below, I’ll see if I can cobble together an explanation for you as well, dear reader.