Will Super Mario Run Ever Come to Apple TV?


As of today, mobile gamers are enjoying version 2.0 of Nintendo’s Super Mario Run. The update brings playable Yoshis in four different colours, new buildings, more of the game unlocked in the free-to-play portion, and lots of updates that aim to improve the overall experience.

Seeing the release drop this morning when checking the iOS App Store for updates got me thinking: Will we ever see a version compatible with Apple TV?

My short answer is no. But I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

If The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is Nintendo Switch’s system seller, then Super Mario Run is its Trojan horse. Designed to infiltrate smart phones with a teasing glimpse of arguably the most iconic of all video gaming mascots, and create a desire for more, Super Mario Run was a deft play by Nintendo.

But bringing it to Apple TV feels like it would dilute the intention of creating that sense of wanting more. You’d still want more, but maybe a few would feel that Mario on Apple’s digital-only console might be just enough. Also, ATV gamers that feel that way, might also be left thinking that if they got Super Mario Run, then maybe there is more to come, if only they wait long enough.

Super Mario Run will no doubt remain on smart phones, creating a longing for more with the promise of delivery via Nintendo Switch, and its upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, the Switch’s second-wave system seller.

While Apple TV and Nintendo Switch have one very important thing in common, being the ability to take games with you on the go, it’s doubtful they will ever have Mario in common.

Prove me wrong Nintendo.