Conduct THIS! – Never Too Old for Train Sets


While iOS was treated to this excellent little action-puzzler a few months ago, it was a very pleasant surprise to see it arrive on our big screens this week for Apple TV. On touchscreens the controls are wonderfully intuitive, with players simply tapping on trains to stop and start them, and Northplay have done a great job mapping the controls to a gamepad for Apple TV. Hitting A, B, X, and Y on your controller stops and starts the corresponding trains, while holding in a trigger button and using the same four face buttons switches the corresponding tracks. It works a treat.

Conduct THIS! comes with a bunch of themed worlds, and within each is set a handful of levels – beat all the levels in a world, and you’ll unlock another world. Since release in 2016, Northplay have already added a whole raft of worlds via updates, all of which are packed into the Apple TV version.

The depiction of these train set worlds is so quaint and charming it’s hard not to want to play with them. Simple, clean lines with blocked colours display rolling fields and towns, tunnels, stations,  and all the trappings you’d expect in your own little mechanised play set. The friendly aesthetic does a great job of making you feel guilty when you crash.

And that’s the whole point of Conduct THIS! You’ll be in control of several trains at any time, with puzzles requiring clever track switching to avoid your other trains, and also obstacles that you have no control over. It starts off nice and easy, but before long you’ll feel like your brain has been spliced into four quadrants, each tasked with controlling its own independent train. Aarghh!

As mentioned above, I highly recommend checking out the series of developer diaries on Northplay’s official site as well, as they offer a great insight into the team’s gift to the world.

Have fun, and…

All Aboard!!!

(sorry, but you know I had to)