Subdivision Infinity Joins Apple TV’s “Game Controller Required” Club


As we noted last week, Subdivision Infinity has hit Apple TV today on schedule. It offers players 3D space combat via a mission-based structure, but also promises free roaming exploration, mining, and side-quests – all the major food groups.

Subdivision Infinity also joins a growing list of traditional, fully-featured games for Apple TV that require a controller, which is an encouraging sign. Ever since Apple dropped the nonsensical restriction in 2016, the list has included notable releases such as Minecraft, Dan The Man, Space Marshals 2, Super Phantom Cat, Gods of Rome, Trials Frontier, and Riptide GP: Renegade. It’s not a definitive list, I’m sure I’ve missed some.

But even so, if you check out that list alone, you’ll find some quality gaming in there across a whole range of genres.

Cutting out the Siri Remote is obviously a risk for developers to take, as it limits the adoption rate in what is already a pretty small pond until Apple TV gains in popularity. Hopefully these early risk takers will be rewarded as the platform continues to gain momentum. Here at ATVG, we believe Apple TV is a growth market, and we know there are other developers out there who agree. We certainly don’t have any plans to stop writing about it any time soon, and with WWDC just around the corner, who knows what announcements lie in wait?

Check out the trailer below for Subdivision Infinity, and let’s take a moment to applaud the brave ones, the developers who have opted in to the “Game Controller Required” Club.

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