Abi: A Robot’s Tale – Point And Click With Feeling


Chinese developer and publisher Lilith Games brought this touching title to Apple TV this week, joining Runic Rampage and Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets to round out a solid week of new releases for the platform.

There’s all sorts of meaning to be found in the visual design of this charming adventure, such as whether it’s coincidence or not that Abi looks to be shaped exactly like a VR headset. Is it a clue to solving the mysterious disappearance of humanity from Abi’s world? Or is my innate fear of VR’s ability to separate us even more than rectangular screens already have colouring my perception?

Abi: A Robot’s Tale seems to be a classic big and small buddy adventure, using the medium of gaming to explore themes of technology’s adverse effect on human connection.

The lovingly depicted robots Abi and DD do a great job of earning your affection even just from simple screenshots, and the promotional material from Lilith Games poses a simple question: “Do you want to know their story?”

I have to admit, after watching the trailer embedded below, yes, I do.