Space Marshals 2 – Ava’s Storyline DLC Adds 10 New Missions


To access the DLC, update and relaunch Space Marshals 2, and then head to the world map screen. On the top right of the screen you’ll see a new option to select Ava’s Storyline, after which you’ll then see the above screen. The above screenshot is from the Australian App Store, and of course the price will vary from country to country, being $2.99 in the US.

In March this year, four bonus missions were added in a free update, but considering Ava’s Storyline adds 10 new missions and a new playable character with a different play style, the price of entry seems fair.

“Crowd control and trickery” are the cornerstone of Ava’s strategy, explained developer Pixelbite in a blog post today. “Her arsenal includes the modifiable Riot Gun and Drone. The Riot Gun is a “non-lethal” weapon that knocks her opponents around. It can be modified to add different effects, such as electric shock or fiery infernos.”

Sounds useful.

Pixelbite explain that the drone is “remote controlled and, by default, is used to remote access terminals and distract enemies, but it can be equipped with guns and grenades instead.”

So plenty of new toys to tinker.

ATVG is going to jump straight into these new missions over the next few days and report back as soon as humanly possible with impressions, but for now, the video below gives a sneak peak at some of the new tricks up Ava’s sleeve being put to good use.