Dandara – Gravity Defying 2D Platformer Hits Apple TV


If you were relying on screenshots alone (such as the one above) to help market Dandara, it would be a tough sell indeed. It’s only when you see the title in motion that it dawns on you what an intriguing and unique platformer it’s aiming to be.

Often developers will employ game mechanics that play to the strengths of a particular platform, building a game around that mechanic. With the relatively new VR platform for example, studios have been scrambling to find ways of traversing levels within those virtual worlds that won’t cause players to lose their lunch. One such idea has been teleporting from point A to point B, and remaining stationary while actions such as shooting are carried out, before moving on by teleporting again.

With Dandara, Long Hat House wanted to build a 2D platformer that implemented a traversal mechanic that made practical sense using both touchscreens and game controllers, with, I’m assuming, the end goal in mind of releasing to as many platforms as possible without having to build multiple versions of the game.

It almost looks like the modern idea of using teleportation in VR has been retrofitted to the now ancient 2D platform genre, enabling Dandara to span that mouthful of platforms listed back on page 1.

It’ll be interesting to see if this pays off for the team, but judging from the launch trailer embedded below, the mechanic provides all sorts of unique gameplay twists.

The gravity defying mode of transport is given context via a heroine – Dandara – on a mission to free her oppressed world of Salt. The world of Salt is depicted in handcrafted pixel art, which when combined with the main traversal hook, results in what looks like a nice blend of old and new.

Enough words for now, have a look at the trailer below and it will all make sense:



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