3 Reasons Why You Should Grab Le Parker: Sous Chef Extraordinaire


Reason 1:

The first reason to mash that download button is because it’s awesome. That may sound like fanboy hyperbole, and I guess it is, but it’s also the unvarnished truth. I won’t go into  exactly what makes Le Parker an excellent 2D platform game that’s well worth your time right here. For that, there’s the review.

Reason 2:

If you’ve read the review, you’ll know that the one thing that took a little of the shine off of Play Pretend’s release, was it’s overly brutal difficulty.

With this week’s update, the developer has balanced some of Le Parker’s seemingly impossible tasks, bringing them more into the realm of possibility, without ruining the high-wire act of quality, challenge, and visual elegance the game walks.

Also, checkpoints have now become truly safe havens. Once you’ve achieved one, you’ll now have unlimited lives, restarting at the most recent milestone you’ve just shed blood, sweat, and tears to reach.


The update successfully brings the game back from the brink of frustration, providing a much more enjoyable challenge, while still remaining a satisfying test of your skill.

Reason 3: 

It’s now free.

I’m not sure whether this is a permanent switch to free-to-play, or if it’s a temporary promotion, but either way, with these three reasons in mind, all that’s left to say is…

What are you waiting for?