100 Second Video Showcases Apple Arcade Gameplay

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Update: Since posting this story Apple has since brought the release of iPadOS forward one week from September 30 to the 24th. For The Apple TV Gaming Blog however, September 30 is still where the big cheese is at. Read on, folks.

Original Story: Putting together this massive list of games coming to the Apple Arcade service was a fascinating exercise, as I gained a detailed look at the sheer breadth of the experiences that will be on offer.

Some of the games were harder to research than others, and with many there isn’t much information available out in the wild yet, with developers still sitting on some surprises.

Overnight however, more and more information and trailers trickled out, and I’ll continue to update yesterday’s list as more information comes to hand. Already I’ve added four more games – EarthNight, Lifeslide, Mosaic, and What The Golf? – and a couple of trailers. A new video for The Bradwell Conspiracy appeared following a Twitch stream from the studio, and also one for Exit The Gungeon (thanks to Screen Times for the heads-up on that one).

Apple has also been busy overnight, releasing a new 100 second video which squeezes an absolute bucketload of short gameplay snippets from upcoming Apple Arcade titles. It’s definitely worth a look, as it gives some good insight into to a few games for which no gameplay footage had yet been shown, notably Hot Lava and Sonic Racing.

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I’ll admit I wasn’t impressed with Hot Lava when it was first unveiled earlier this year, as it looked like a concept with a short shelf-life. I’d mistakenly assumed it was simply a first-person game involving 3D platforming to stay off a lava-filled floor. Check out Apple’s video below however, and you’ll learn it actually looks like quite an intense multiplayer experience, and I’m now very keen to jump in.

Auto-runners are best suited to smaller screens, as on larger screens within a console environment gamers expect more interactivity, with a full 2D platforming experience. EarthNight is featured in the below video, looking absolutely gorgeous, and it looks like it might be a very slick randomly generated auto-runner to add to the other options in my pocket.

An interesting feature of LEGO Brawls is revealed, involving the ability to turn your Apple TV into a scoreboard for the multiplayer action taking place on smaller screens. This opens up some fascinating possibilities, although it will be interesting to see if this sort of all-in-the-room gameplay still proves popular, or if LEGO Brawls will mainly be enjoyed by players online. Either way, this is another one I’m particularly keen to check out.

Shinsekai: Into the Depths from Capcom was featured heavily in the Apple Event onstage, and it’s definitely up there as one of my most anticipated Apple Arcade titles. A stunning 2D action-platformer, Shinsekai has sound effects that were actually recorded underwater for authenticity.

The video is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it affair, but is a fun teaser for what’s just around the corner:

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