Black Friday: Save 20% On A 12 Month Apple Arcade Subscription


Happy Black Friday Apple TV gamers.

Really quick post here with a couple of deals that are worth jumping on. I’m sure there’s a tonne more but these caught ATVG’s eye. Hit us up on the social feeds in the banner if you spy any others.

Two games are currently discounted that are console-quality titles you should consider for your Apple TV library, and a third game that’s completely free right now. Not sure if it’s free for the current Black Friday madness or some other reason, but who cares? Zero means nothing. Who needs a reason?

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To start with, many outlets are currently selling $100 App Store cards for only $80. I just picked one up from Coles here in Australia, but shop around in your country and chances are high you’ll find something comparable.

This of course means that for your $80 spend, you’ll get $100 worth of App Store credit, making your next 12 months of Apple Arcade 20% cheaper. Sweet.

What about the two discounted games?

First is Transistor from Supergiant Games. In Australia it’s currently only $1.49, and only $0.99 elsewhere. Heavily discounted. Transistor has been around for a while but if you’ve yet to take this sci-fi adventure with a talking sword, now is a great time. Transistor mixes RPG elements with a nice layering of strategy and action, with an immersive narrative, all set in a dark, gritty, some might say cyberpunk future. Controller support? Absolutely.

Secondly is Wonder Boy: A Dragon’s Trap, developed by Lizardcube and published by DotEmu. You can currently save a few dollars on this 2D action platform adventure which is currently available on all three top-tier consoles: PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Obviously controllers are supported with this one as well.

Thirdly, Silverfish DX from Chaotic Box is completely FREE right now. No ads, no in-app-purchases, nothing. Just eye-melting, neon arcade action for the price of nothing. No reason at all not to at least download it and give it a go. Yes, it too has controller support.

Okay, that’s ATVG done for this morning. Here’s the trailer for Silverfish DX if you still need any more convincing:

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