An Appreciation: Dead Cells For Apple TV – All Killer, No Filler


Thanks to access to statistics due to running this site, one of the best indicators for me of a game’s popularity (whether it be an existing or upcoming title) is the amount of traffic that follows a story about that game.

Dead Cells from studio Motion Twin wasn’t on my radar until August, when publisher Playdigious emailed me letting me know it was bringing the release to iOS. I replied querying whether Apple TV-compatibility was on the cards, and on receiving a response in the affirmative, I posted this story.

The response via site-traffic was immediate, and that post has been one of ATVG’s consistently biggest hitters since, even among all the noise surrounding Apple Arcade’s arrival.

So the question of course is, now that Dead Cells has come to Apple TV, arriving two days ago as a universal app (meaning that owners of the iOS and iPadOS versions don’t need to buy it again for Apple TV), does it warrant all the attention?

Because sometimes games can achieve cult-status and popularity despite a lack of quality. Something about them will be seized on by influencers and after a certain cumulative mass-hysteria of hipness, it will be a brave soul that then speaks out negatively against it, which in turn feeds the beast even more.

What about Dead Cells though? Is it only good by popular decree, or is it actually good?

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Dead Cells Hits Apple TV As A Universal App


When publisher Playdigious told The Apple TV Gaming Blog in a world exclusive reveal back in August that Dead Cells was coming to Apple TV, no date was given.

And so the wait began for this critically acclaimed action-platformer from Motion Twin to hit Apple’s lounge room hardware, bringing its Dark Souls-influenced combat to our big screens.

The wait has been made quite bearable thanks to the arrival of the all-you-can-eat gaming banquet that is Apple Arcade, leaving Apple TV gamers spoilt for choice as to what to play next (and if you’re in that enviable position of not knowing where to start with Apple Arcade’s offerings, then you could always follow in ATVG’s footsteps and check out the first four games I played)

Well, the wait is over, and now it will be a case of Apple TV gamers having to divide their time over yet another quality title, as Dead Cells has landed on Apple TV today.

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Kill, Die, Learn, Repeat – Dead Cells Coming To Apple TV


In yesterday’s post I teased that something exciting was coming to Apple TV.

Dead Cells? Excited? ATVG is.

The vast majority of Apple TV games are of course ports of iOS games, and while there are some quality titles among them, the hardware is capable of more. A big flatscreen, controller in hand, and some processing power makes for a console, and deep down, I think Apple TV gamers are really wanting more gaming experiences that validate the console they know they already own.

Way back in 2017, Xander Davis of Astrogun told ATVG, “…there’s actually little difference with what you can do on an Apple TV versus a PS4, except for horsepower (and the gap is closing), at this point.”

Also, mobile hardware has some ridiculous horsepower under the hood, and thankfully, some studios when bringing console titles to iOS have gone the extra mile and added in tvOS and MFi controller support.

Such is the case with publisher Playdigious. Having already brought the excellent Teslagrad from Rain Games to Apple TV, the team will next publish French developer Motion Twin’s rogue-lite, metroidvania, action-platformer – Dead Cells.

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