Forma.8 – Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Forma.8 is a mystery. The in-game progress bar tells me I’ve completed 51.6 percent of Italian studio MixedBag’s beautiful, alien adventure, and with 48.4 percent of the game ahead of me, I didn’t want to put the word “review” in the title of this article. Without knowing when, if ever, I would see an ending, I thought now is as good a time as any to take a break and commit some words to a screen.

And if you haven’t already guessed from this post’s subtitle, I’m stuck.

At some point I’ll no doubt resort to the Internet’s hive mind for clues on how to proceed, and for certain puzzles I already have, but for now I thought I’d pass on my mixed feelings about Forma.8.

Metroidvania Forma.8 coming to Apple TV June 15th


2D platform gaming, action-adventure, exploration – these are the elements that make up the now much-used gaming descriptor, Metroidvania. The term itself is a mash-up of select games from the classic Metroid and Castlevania series, with the resulting sub-genre now a spark for many heated Internet debates over whether a game is or isn’t a Metroidvania.

With such potentially contentious genre definitions likely to ignite minor revolutions, I prefer to use my words rather than a word, and Metroidvania or not, Italian studio MixedBag’s Forma.8 definitely looks like it will have 2D platform gaming, action-adventure, and exploration. And judging from the trailer over on page 2, it looks good too, right? Stylish, with a mysterious, brooding atmosphere.

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