Metroidvania Forma.8 coming to Apple TV June 15th

Forma.8 is coming to Apple TV in the form of Forma.8 GO on June 15th, as it’s a port of the iOS version, however MixedBag assure on its site that it’s the full game. MFi controller support is included which is a must for these sorts of outings on Apple TV, so that’s happy news.

In Forma.8 players control a probe stranded on an alien world, tasked with uncovering the mysteries of ancient civilisations. It’s a set-up that may not be entirely original, but mixed with the stylised aesthetics and tone, Forma.8 may have enough going for it to stand out from the crowd.

Available on the major consoles – PS4 and Xbox One – we look forward to Apple TV being listed among MixedBag’s release platforms.

For a look at some more upcoming releases, check out this list of six that we have our eye on. You can cross off Subdivision Infinity from that bunch however, as it hit Apple TV recently, and is an easy recommendation for fans of arcade 3D space combat.

Look out for Forma.8 GO on June 15th, and we’ll report back with impressions as soon as we’ve gotten hands on.

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