Sonic Racing Was Broken On Apple TV, Here’s How I Fixed It


Apple might’ve caught some developers unawares by hitting the big GO button on tvOS 13 a week early, unleashing Apple Arcade on our big screens.

Apple made it very clear leading up to the release of Apple Arcade that all games would be compatible across iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and macOS, so it was confusing that when tvOS got its update, there were some games – such as LEGO Brawls and Sonic Racing – showing as available on iOS and iPadOS, but not tvOS.

Over the last 24 hours however, things seemed to have resolved themselves, as these games are now available on Apple TV as well.

I’d been saving Sonic Racing for the big screen, not wanting to spoil the first-time experience for myself on iOS or iPadOS, and so when it finally appeared I quickly fired up the lounge room, mashed the ‘Get’ button, and booted up SEGA’s hotly anticipated kart racer.

That’s when things went a little pear-shaped.

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