Opinion: Smash Anarchy – Did Someone Change the Meaning of FPS?

Take a look at the video embedded above before you read on.

Okay, all done? What did you see? If you saw what I saw, you will have seen a target shooting game with lots of character, vibrant colours, and fruit, with a tag at the end announcing that Smash Anarchy is coming to the App Store. Looks like it could be a bit of fun, and hopefully even a success for the studio behind it – Creative Logics. As we know, fruit has already proven itself quite the success story on the App Store.

What didn’t you see? You didn’t see any movement through corridors or open landscapes in the first-person perspective, taking cover, quick-scoping, or bunny-hopping. Just good, old-fashioned target shooting; a first-person Space Invaders if you will.

Why then, is Smash Anarchy being touted as an FPS? Mash the page 2 button below to read on.

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