Opinion: Smash Anarchy – Did Someone Change the Meaning of FPS?

I’m sure Creative Logics isn’t doing anything maliciously deceitful by representing it’s game as an FPS in its press kit. It’s probably more a case of stretching the truth a little, or relying on the very literal definition of the words “first-person-shooter.” Sure, you have a gun, you shoot, your avatar is viewing proceedings through a first-person perspective, but as a long-standing gaming genre, FPS doesn’t hold water when applied to Smash Anarchy.

Last year I reviewed a game for Grab It Magazine called Legend of The Skyfish. It was a fun little game involving solving puzzles in order to proceed from one door to the next; flicking switches, weighting down trigger-pads by sliding rocks, that sort of thing. The trailer for the game however, was cut to represent it very clearly as an RPG with a significant world to explore, weapons and armour to collect and upgrade – all the usual trappings of the genre. After I started playing it, in hindsight I found the trailer to be such a misrepresentation of the actual gameplay that I felt compelled to post this preview article as a precursor to my full review.

Gamers are pretty savvy, and they don’t like wasting their time or money on games that aren’t what they thought they would be. So why do developers risk their credibility for a few quick sales? It’s obvious that a lot of care and attention has gone into the making of Smash Anarchy. Why not make the very best target shooting game possible, and then completely own what you’ve made,  and the genre in which you’ve made it? Don’t be shy, shout it from the rooftops of the Internet: “This is the best damn target shooter you’ll ever play!”

It’s tough out there, I get that. The iOS App Store and other digital storefronts reached saturation point some time ago, with the digital revolution and inexpensive (or even free) creative tools enabling an absolute avalanche of independent game releases. It’s not all just shovel ware either – there are a lot of talented studios releasing a lot of games that are worth playing. But still, I think playing the long game and building credibility is the best foot forward.

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